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  1. How did you try to install Heretic? What rpm?
  2. Ilia wrote the most important things. However I don't understand this: Is there an official GNOME version now? Cause when I used PCLOS in the 0.93 times it was absolutely KDE centric. Their base system namely the gcc was so ancient that the newer releases of GNOME didn't compile and they didn't bother with it. Texstar made it clear that it's not among his priorities. So they were two major releases behind in GNOME. They have a new base and gcc with 2007 so I'm sure it's not the case now. But as the base system gets older it may occur again. So if you like PCLOS you better like KDE.
  3. Both AMD and nvidia made a Christmas present for us. Nvidia released its proprietary display driver 169.07, which can be downloaded from here. AMD released the ATI Catalystâ„¢ Proprietary Linux driver 7.12 (8.443). Read more...
  4. Linux is more customizable than Windows so whether or not 128MB is enough is rather depends on your setup. My recommendation is if you don't wanna put more memory in that laptop than don't use KDE or GNOME. The best choice for a lightweight user friendly DE is probably XFCE. On the other hand I have nothing against WindowsXP. So choose which is best for the person who will actually use that laptop. For correct CD burning search wiki.mandriva.com (or Google).
  5. 1, The Mandriva installer is able to do it. It will ask for formatting the partition(s) you want to install to. 2, You loose nothing. Actually some things are missing from the Mandriva live CDs (just documantation) to save some space. The Live installer icon should be on the desktop. But if you can't find it there then it still should be in the menu somewhere. P.S. Be patient. We are all around the world sometimes hours away from you. Plus it's the holiday season.
  6. I like the info which comes with each package. It would be nice to see something like this in rpmdrake. Can we request packages here? I don't wanna register to yet another forum.
  7. According to a Bugzilla post you can change it in ccsm (CompizConfig) under "Window Decoration". I guess you have to change the line "Command" which has "compiz-window-decorator" by default and change it to emerald. OR Edit /etc/sysconfig/compositing-wm file. Edit: yes you can use the first method: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Releases/Mandr..._replaces_Beryl
  8. How do you know Emerald starts? By default the window decorator matching to your DE starts in Mandriva (Heliodor for GNOME and Aquamarine for KDE).
  9. The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the second release candidate for KDE 4.0. This release candidate marks the last mile on the road to KDE 4.0. While progress on the quality and completeness of what is to become the KDE 4.0 desktop has been great, the KDE Community decided to have another release candidate before releasing KDE 4.0 on January, 11th. The codebase is now feature-complete. Some work is still being done to put the icing on the KDE 4.0 cake. This includes fixing some major and minor bugs, finishing off artwork and smoothening out the user experience. Read more...
  10. According to the error message you used wrong syntax in your command. It should be: convert *.jpg -o test3.mpg
  11. dexter11


    The foundation libraries are stable (or so they say) and that's a good sign. Maybe there's no way to e.g change your wallpaper from a menu but the needed C++ functions are ready. KDE4 was already postponed twice. Originally it supposed to be ready about the time Mandriva 2008 came out but they postponed it to December. Then they postponed it again to January. Lancelot doesn't seem like a kmenu implementation to me. Reading the blogpost which ilia linked, in the second post in this topic, simply there won't be kmenu in KDE4 because nobody cares. There are two other menus being developed for KDE4: Lancelot and Raptor. But since only Kickoff is ready that will be the default in KDE4. On the usability side. Usability not only depends on how the menu works but the structure of the menu too. And current Mandriva menu really sucks in this point of view IMHO.
  12. dexter11


    Konqueror will be there too but it will use the engine of Dolphin for file management. However they promise it won't loose any functionality.
  13. dexter11

    USB trouble

    Hi everyone I'm back again. I have an ancient ECS L7VTA mainboard and it has 4 USB 2.0 ports which doesn't seem to work. I bought an mp3 player and a camera both using USB. Both device detects correctly if they are connected to my computer. I have successfully transfered files to my mp3 player on an other computer. My mp3 player recharges itself from the USB cable and that's working even here. But none of my OSes (Mandriva 2008 and Windows XP SP2) detects anything connected through the USB cable. The same thing happened with a borrowed Canon camera a while ago. That camera was also working perfectly on an other computer except mine. So does anyone have any idea which doesn't include buying new hardware?
  14. Firefox is released. This release fixes a bug introduced by the update in the <canvas> feature that affected some web pages and extensions. source: hup.hu
  15. This is the second update to GNOME 2.20.0. The update fixes all known and unknown bugs and crashers. The next and last stable release for 2.20 branch will be 2.20.3. The tarballs for that release need to be delivered to our lovely window before January 7 2008 23:59 UTC. The full release announcement is here.
  16. I think kbfx restarts kicker when it starts that's why those icons don't show up. But that's just a theory. Anyway it's worth to try to add "sleep 5" where net_applet and mdkapplet starts. Or write a 3 line script something like: sleep 5 net_applet & mdkapplet& and launch the script automatically when KDE starts.
  17. Basically you have to install your language packages and then setup your KDE and some other system settings. First of all launch the Mandriva Control Center ("Configure your computer" in the menu). On the Packages tab which should be opened by default launch the Software sources manager. It is one of the two which has an open box with rpm written on it icon. On the window which appears click on Add and choose distribution sources. Then do it again but this time choose official updates. Now you're done with adding more sources so close this window. Launch the software manager. It's on the packages tab too. It has an open box with a minus and a plus sign icon. It's just above the Software sources manager icon. When it started install your language packages. For KDE it will be something like kde-i18-gr. You also have to install the greek locales packages. You can search in the package names for "gr" (if that's your country code) or in the package descriptions for "greek" in the software manager. Note that some software has it's own language packs like Firefox and Openoffice so install those too. When you're done with installing close the package manager and on the Sytem tab of the MCC choose the flag icon. Setup your localization. Now in the menu launch the KDE Control Center. It's called only "Control Center" in my menu. Change your language settings there. Now from your next login all the KDE programs will have Greek language support if they are translated to Greek. For some other programs you may have to change the settings inside the program.
  18. Jonny if you are using Mandriva 2008 then Kickoff menu is installed by default. All you have to do is right click on the menu button and choose the Kickoff menu style. Zibi try to launch net_applet and mdkapplet after kbfx started. Those icons disappear in my experience when kicker restarts.
  19. It will be in the official updates once it passed the usual QA process.
  20. Title says it all. You can read the Release Notes here.
  21. The fourth beta of KDE 4 is out. This new release mainly contains bugfixes and some minor new features. You can read the relase announcement here. At the same time, KDE 4.0 Development Platform (K.I.T.T.) RC1 is out. The release announcement is here.
  22. You don't need to download the CDs over and over again. Check the md5 file to know you have a correct download. Just because your download is correct that doesn't mean you have a good burn. I hope you checked that too.
  23. One of Mandriva’s server bays will be down for scheduled maintenance this Saturday, October the 27th. The following servers will be affected: * etraining.mandriva.com (eTraining) * blog.mandriva.com (Mandriva Blog) * my.mandriva.com (my.mandriva) * rpms.mandrivaclub.com (Club RPMs Farm) * expert.mandriva.com (Mandriva Expert) * torrent.mandriva.com (Public and subscription BitTorrent tracker) api.mandriva.com is not now affected. Details from blog.mandriva.com.
  24. See the Release notes for details.
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