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  1. i used to have a Delll laptop ...watch out for LG cdrom drives mine had one . http://plug.org.in/pipermail/plug-mail/200...ber/010052.html
  2. my company uses a MS access custom made database using a front end ms db and a backend ms db i completely hate the app for a variety or reasons . #1 being it forces me to buy office pro instead of standard . the crap costs alot even for the standard version . my users are not "power office users" they just need to use this custom app made with access . porting the app is logical to me but not to my boss . at times i get crazy and convince a user or two and my boss to let me put the user on linux . my way around the "crossover" issue is to use a windows terminal server and connect the linux boxes via tsclient http://www.gnomepro.com/tsclient/ one icon on the desktop and they click it and you can set the term server to run just the app not a whole desktop for the client . they close the app the tsclient closes. now i can run ms access on linux . i don't think you can run ms access with wine or crossover . remember this app uses a frontend and backend database . I've been harping for years to port it to MySQL and use a browser for the frontend . hey it's an option for some
  3. all are work safe . no playmates in sight
  4. http://linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/2005060701926NWSV i dunno must be missing for now the story is playboy is dishing out linux and open source stuff http://mirrors.playboy.com/
  5. yes slimserver does that i am still messing with it i ran into my first issue today installing on MD 10.2 kde3.4 club none of my other installs did this .. connection refused . this was/is a fresh install that is not set as a server so i checked hosts.allow made changes there and stiill no action . i check the firewall stuff and that was all good so why couldn't i connect via the default port of 9000 ports for imap was working pop was working webimin was up and ok ...i could vnc in on port 5801 . so wtf ! using /usr/local/slimserver/slimserver.pl to start instead of /usr/local/slimserver start gave me the clue i needed a little digging found that some modules needed were'nt there try /usr/local/slimserver/Bin/build-perl-modules.pl i've installed on (2) MD 10.1 zero issues but these 2 pc's have been in use for a long time and many of the needed packages have already been installed for other reasons (1) MD 10.2 needed packages (1) MD 10.2 kde3.4 needed packages kaffeine plays them very well
  6. http://software.newsforge.com/article.pl?s...5/05/27/1340243
  7. F.Y.I Linux World Conf & Expo 2006 April 3-6 2006 Boston i just got a call from a co-worker who is a Mac Nut . he started off by saying Mactel is going to kill Linux quoted: "Microsoft will be affected because of this new competitor and the possibility that people will more readily switch to the Mac. But it seems that Linux has the most to lose. Linux was the only X86 alternative to Microsoft and now it has both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to contend with -- two "last man standing" types. I think Red Hat and all the other Linux distributors have a problem."
  8. I like to think there are always options . I haven't played with this scenario in a couple of weeks . If you got this to work before there must be some way to make it work again . I want the solution too, please let me know what you find out and how many named hosts were you running ? 1 you can make work . Many named hosts with some using SSL is the trick i want to pull off using only named based virtual hosts
  9. i found this information useful http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/5644
  10. what do you mean by "make it a shared drive"? i mean you can access it from within linux now . and it's a dual boot so only one player at a time
  11. i found this information useful http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/5644 oops that's not the right link but close i'll dig it up. are you burning data or a movie
  12. I've played with jinzora and jinzora2 .setting the database was a little tricky ...last week i grabbed slimserver ..after reading about it in www.linux-magazine .com. i like this one too and it was a snap to install ..even as an rpm ready to rock n roll . you might want to try it . now to start ripping the cd's collecting dust . oh btw i've checked the player/client end and that works great on linux, the player options are many. on windows it worked with winamp and seemed to be a pain using windows media player .
  13. all the above may be true however i feel it's more a security level issue . once you cross the line from standard or high to "higher" and mandriva claims the pc is now ready to be used as a server . your normal users are not allowed to "shutdown" the system .which kinda makes sense doesn't it ? i think you will find that changing settings in the login manager will work today, but once security is checked and re-applied "usually daily" .. your shutdown option goes byebye next time you check .
  14. try this https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtop...17entry189517
  15. i use webmin to admin mysql databases . i am not sure what kind of hole you are digging but i think seeing it GUI style might help . webmin comes in handy for working with LAMP . see webmin package in /mandrakelinux control center/software management
  16. this is a bit of a bug for sure . it happens when you set security to "higher" you can set the mouse over and over but when you reboot the mouse will not work two options 1. change security setting 2. edit the file /etc/x11 /XF86Config edit this section : Section "InputDevice" copy n paste this : Identifier "Mouse1" Driver "mouse" Option "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2" Option "Device" "/dev/input/mice" Option "ZAxisMapping" "6 7" EndSection
  17. i've installed a couple different ones and after checking it seems on this build I have imap 2004-1 mdk imap is the way to go for sure however there are limitations , i.e. one server i have allows 2meg uploads and another allows 32megs. spam is an issue and training spamassassin can become a part time job . but i can't image being without spamassassin i use squirrelmail to access the mail from any platform (no client required)
  18. to be able to vnc to home from the laptop you need the wan IP for the server and port 5801 open.. access the machine via wan IP i.e. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5801 you may have a gui installed located in /internet/remote access "remote desktop connection" i forget the name of the package right now . anyway it will work using a java enabled browser http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5801 knowing your wan ip ofcourse it looks like you have the correct syntax for the server and it's running . you might not want to serve a VNC session for your "root" account but rather vnc serve a regular user and su commands while logged in as the regular user krfb is the package
  19. named based virtual hosts or ip based virtual hosts ? you need ip based virtual hosts to use SSL
  20. i would like to get the any-any patch please email me thanks
  21. external modems work best
  22. my install of LE2005 defaults to konqueror when clinking a link using evolution firefox ,mozilla and epiphany are installed gnome-control-center has configuration settings for default browser /advanced/preferredapplications
  23. sounds like you selected "higher" security during install .. try changing it to high or standard
  24. try making a boot disk i have install CD's not the dvd . put the cd into a windows box and you'll see a link to make a boot disk . i have found booting from a floppy gets some tricky installs from dvd drives to work if that doesn't work... using windows you want to run /dosutils/rawwrite then point to the 1.4 img file in /install/images
  25. http://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/55 linux magazine will have a dvd in the june issue
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