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  1. I'll give GDM a go and see if that will let me set the default. I've tried the auto-login, but it resets to KDE all the time. I do have gnome installed, as I've used it.
  2. OK, all sorted now. Many thanks!!!
  3. OK, I'll see if I can find it. I also have metacity themes too, do these go under ./metacity
  4. OK, I moved them here, but it didn't work, so I extracted them and all is OK now!
  5. Also, have you tried the D-Link website? I've looked, but it requires more info to find the card that you have listed above.
  6. Try this..... http://www.opendrivers.com/company/22678/d...r-download.html
  7. Yes, that's where I've been. I downloaded, extracted, then pointed to the directory, but it doesn't apply it. Do I have to put them somewhere special?
  8. Sorry, this is really gonna sound stupid. I usually use KDE, and I figured I'd just have a look at Gnome. However, I downloaded some themes, and I can't figure out how to get them to work. They are either GTK1 or GTK2 themes. I tried System/Configuration/Gnome/Theme but this only has default ones listed. Can someone point me in the right direction?!?
  9. Totally agree with your comment! Obviously, there might be the situation that your old laptop had Win95, it broke, and you bought a new one, surely, on the new one you'd want a later version if you wanted to use it. Win95 has problems with newer hardware, especially when the processor is over 2.2GHz. And a lot of drivers you can't get for it. Therefore, IF, you wanted to use the software, you'd have a lot of problems unless you had the later version. This is just an example, but I understand where you're coming from. We might not want to use it, ie: use Linux instead, and therefore don't want to pay for something we're not using. Buying from a shop, you're unlikely to be able to negotiate the discount, because it's already bundled. You'd probably have to call the manufacturer and order through them, but you're likely to get cheaper elsewhere WITH the license (as mentioned in my previous post). It would be a lot better if the manufacturers don't assume that we want to run a Microsoft OS, and give us the option to decline it. Similar to ordering online from Dell I would imagine! You can select/deselect what you want/don't want.
  10. It should do. Have you got dhcp-client and dhcp-common installed, as you'll need these to get an IP address?
  11. I too have a Toshiba laptop, but don't understand what this collaboration can be (no good at French, couldn't be bothered to translate it :P )? Other than the fact that manufacturers bundle Microsoft software with the hardware. But this has pretty much always been the way. Personally, if I buy a machine and it has Microsoft software with it, I may use it, I may not. I have the option to choose to use it if I want. At the moment, I have a Toshiba laptop of a year or so old, which runs Linux without any problems. I suppose I could always buy the laptop without the software, but you'd probably need to purchase it from the manufacturer, and chances are you might not save that much anyway. And, you could probably get it even cheaper from other online websites anyway. Perhaps one day, they may bundle Linux with them too, but if not, you can still download it and install it if you don't want to use the Microsoft software. So not sure what the problem is?
  12. Have you allocated an IP address to the machine? Make a note of the settings for the PC that works (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS), and then make sure the Mandriva system is configured the same way.
  13. The best, and simplest IMO, is to have the following (this is how it's set on my laptop): / - The most space, because of software installs, etc. Home - For my files Swap - No bigger than 500MB The reason for Home, is that if you upgrade your system, and something goes wrong, you can remove / and install from scratch, leaving Home intact, and not losing what you stored here. Installing apps again, isn't too big a problem. You can, and I have, also had a setup with just: / - Same as above Swap - Same as above No Home area, this time. Is a risk if you upgrade, can always copy it off, and put it back later once it's all up-and-running. In terms of defragging, I remember reading somewhere that you didn't need to worry about defragging in Linux (unless what I read isn't correct). So you wouldn't necessarily need to worry about keeping /tmp separate.
  14. Yeah, you can do that also! My DVD 10.1 media points to: removable://mnt/cdrom/media/main with the relative path set to: ../../media/media_info/hdlist1.cz so, you could give that a go, I reckon that'd work for you, provided your media is readable, and wasn't why your 10.1 installation was failing. Yours might look slightly different since you're using CD media, but just find the media/main directory and hdlist1.cz for each disk and add to the Software Media Manager.
  15. What's your connection out to the internet? Is it over a DSL Router/Modem? Check your /etc/nsswitch.conf for a line that should be similar to: hosts: files nisplus nis dns wins When you configured the network, was a hostname set? Normally the info I supply is hostname, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS Servers. I don't bother with zeroconf. Also, if you are using a DSL Router, do you have this same problem under Windows? I sometime had problems with mine, when the timeout was set to "5", I changed this to "0" so that it wouldn't timeout.
  16. It would work fine, btw I did all this over my 128Kbps connection with download quota, it's not that bad. Took six hours for me, and you have to update kernel since you'll have updated to 10.x anyway or LE2005 depending on which option you chose. It does work fine, provided you make sure the rpmnew's replace the existing files. I had only two or three to change. Since my system was new, the soundcard wasn't compiled for ALSA less than 1.0.4. Remember, if you pointed to the 10.1 mirror, you would be upgrading as if you booted from a CD-ROM to upgrade. Then after you reboot, you would have 10.1 with a 2.4 kernel, so would be best to upgrade the kernel before you reboot after the upgrade.
  17. If you have a fast enough link, you could upgrade yourself to 10.1 now that you have the majority working. Point your urpmi sources at the 10.1 Official, and then when you have main, contrib, updates, jpackage, plf-free and plf-nonfree, type the following at the prompt: urpmi --auto-select --auto This will upgrade every single package. I've just done this for a 10.0 sound problem I had (but I went to LE2005 instead). You could do the same if you wanted. When you've finished, before rebooting, type the following in su mode. updatedb slocate rpmnew then make sure the rpmnew's are in place of the original files. The only exception will be one called "group". Then, as you'll have the latest ALSA for whichever install you've gone for, you can then run alsaconf, reboot, and have the sound you wanted! 10.1 updates give ALSA 1.0.6a (kernel-, LE2005 gives 1.0.8 (if you have the 2.6.11-6 kernel - see below). If you upgrade LE2005, you'll have to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.11-6 to get a stable system.
  18. I've fixed the problem! I did a urpmi to LE2005, and ensured that the rpmnew's were all in place, and rebooted, set the volume etc, and it's all working in KDE! I think perhaps before I must have missed an rpmnew or something, which was why I was having problems. Anyway, it's bang up-to-date now, and sound, and everything, so it's all complete!
  19. Try a rpm -e dri-i915..... This will remove, and you can then complete the reinstall. Check for any errors, as this will stop it performing. Also when complete, you'll need to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if you're running 10.1 and higher). To the bottom of the file add: Section "DRI" Mode 0666 EndSection This enables opengl stuff, but you'll also need MESA installed too.
  20. Run the following from the prompt: urpmi --auto-select --auto This will make sure that everything that needs to be updated, will be, and bring you into alignment in case something is missing.
  21. Normally, you should only need to enable port forwarding for port 21 to the IP address of your machine, rather than configuring a virtual server. Unless that is the equivalent option on your router?!? When you do http, you will get the router, as it comes in on port 80. You'll probably want to disable this, or change the port that the http config util runs on to prevent people accessing your router! Or, just turn it off, so that no-one can connect from the WAN side of the router. Do you have a firewall running on your machine? Have you checked it's enabled in here? Port 21 is TCP and UDP for FTP, I did a quick google for it, and it shows both.
  22. There are some drivers on the Intel website for Linux. What distro are you using? Am assuming it's Mandrake/Mandriva? If you are, then what you need to do is download the RPM for the latest drivers. Then from the CLI prompt (no GUI), type the following: rpm -Uvh dri-i915.......i386.rpm (whatever the rest of the filename is). It may fails with some dependencies, but will let you know which ones are missing. Two that I know of are that you will need to ensure your kernel-source is installed, as well as "ed". First, from the CLI type uname -r )this will give you the kernel version), then after this, type: urpmi kernel-source-...... (whatever the version is). urpmi ed Alternatively, if you prefer, try the VESA drivers with a Plug and Play monitor, and see if that helps for a start?
  23. ianw1974

    Netgear MA101

    Are you using the MA101 as the default gateway for access out to the internet? As long as this is set for the router, and you have your DNS entries configured too, then it shouldn't be a problem.
  24. OK, I created a /etc/sysconfig/.desktop file and when I issue startx from the CLI, it works no problem there. The Default entry on the mdkkdm screen still points to KDE, am assuming that something else would need to be changed for this to be altered too? I'm not too worried about this, but would be nice to know how to do it! :P
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