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Adventure Game development tool


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I am looking for an authoring environment to create relatively simple adventure games (like the early king's quests, scumm games or even as crude as the H-games).


I started to use Adventure Game Studio on Windows and that works great, but I want to be able to work in Linux instead. It's so much more convenient and I am thinking of fully switching to it sometime.


Any ideas?





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I was trying to run AGS through Wine but nothing happened... has anyone had any luck with AGS and WINE?  I agree, I don't want to go back to windows to use AGS, I'm much prefer to do my work in linux.

I just tried it using the latest version of Wine (well, at least the latest package for apt-get).


I get an interface screen, see the screenshot below. There's some textual overlap though, and I haven't really tried to use it yet.



Edit: I tried it for a while with Games I already made, and it's quite functional! Even the 'Test Game' function works. It did report a problem with the audio (could not load midi or something similar). I guess it's far from perfect, but with effort, this could be made to work!


Second Edit: When I tried the included "Demo" game, my resulation was messed up again. Damn that's annoying!



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