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lost KDE menus after upgrade


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Hi All,


I installed ML 9.2 to my box with no problem.

Then upgrade the ML with urpmi command then add plf site than upgrade again. When I restart my system some of KDE start menus is lost . For examle I have mozilla but I cant see the under internet menu, i cant see my games, etc. Where is my mandrake menus.

any help is welcome.



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The way I got around the missing console on the menu was to right click the desktop, select Create New, Select Link to application. Go to the Execute tab for the new Link and type menudrake. Select OK. You will then have an icon on your desktop named Link to application. Double click it and select System Menu. This will bring up the MenuDrake gui. At this point just select Save and your menu's will be back to normal.

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Just click "Alt" + "F2" and you will get "Run" command.

Type in "konsole" and hit enter.

in my case, it was even worse: I did not seem to have konsole installed at all!


I could not remember how any of the other terminals were called (tried xterm, Gconsole, Gterm, ..., but none worked). Then I got the idea of just installing konsole with the software installer. Then I could get on with the work.


Strange how a graphical app helped me out this time...





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I don't know if it is any help but when I have had menu items disappear I usually just open Control Centre then into SYSTEM then into MENUDRAKE then Menu Configuration Centre click on SYSTEM MENU then click on FILE then click on RELOAD SYSTEM MENU and finally click on SAVE.


II usually have Mandrake Control Centre, Control Centre and Konsole on the PANEL rather than the Desktop as I find it not only more convenient but they also never seem to disappear off the Panel whereas they sometimes disappear off the desktop after an upgrade or a "pretend" upgrade (a simple repair trick for most cases).


Hope this helps someone.


Cheers. John (69yrs. young)

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