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Advice needed on building network storage


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I'll leave it here, cos it's all good stuff related to nas/openfiler/lvm since it's all built upon it. We can open a thread for fixing the LVM stuff if you so wish to keep it separate from this thread.


One more thing, if you're not worried about the data, just delete the whole volume group and start again. Then you can just copy it all over from the beginning and job done.


By the way, something that is really cool. Have two openfiler installs, one in your house and say one somewhere else. Then install this:




or in particular how to do it on openfiler:




yay, we now have replication of our data from one openfiler device to the other in two different "remote" locations. Of course, it might take a long time if you have a slow internet connection, or DSL since upload speeds aren't too quick. If you have a large pipe to the internet, then it would be really neat.

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Yep, I deleted the VG and created a new one with the same name as before. I created one with the same name, but for some reason I couldn't name the shares the same I had before. So I deleted the VG and created a new with a new name. Then I could go on creating the shares with the same names as before.


OK, I forgot to mention that I created the volumes as Raid arrays and I added the two into a RAID1 array. All went fine and I have one 1.5 TB disk visible. :thumbs:


But I'm stuck with this one annoying problem: I cannot copy directories - only files - from my WD nas to my new LVM disk. I would very much like to leave this system to copy the some 70 Gigs of files within several directories and subdirectories overnight, but I can only transfer one set of files within one directory (without any subdirectories at the same time).


I have created the shares as public shares. I have created the local folders for the mount points (added to my /etc/fstab) in my Mandriva system (e.g. /home/netstorage/images/photos).


Here's one line of my /etc/fstab

// /home/netstorage/images/photos cifs username=%,uid=500,gid=503 0 0

Now this uid=500 is myself (naturally) and gid=503 is called "family". I've also changed the gid to 500, but same difference.


Whenever I try to copy a directory containing directories, I get "permission denied".

$ cp -rf /home/networkdrive/Pictures/Photos /home/netstorage/images/photos/
cp: cannot create directory `/home/netstorage/images/photos/2007': Permission denied
cp: cannot create directory `/home/netstorage/images/photos/2008': Permission denied

But when I create the subdirectory manually under that upper directory, I can copy the files into that subdirectory with no problems at all (if there are no subdirectories to be copied):

$ cp -rf /home/networkdrive/Pictures/Photos/2007 /home/netstorage/images/photos/2007/

What am I missing here?


I'm also having problems mapping the drives in WinXP home. I cannot map them at all and cannot see the shares. But I would need to study that a bit more.

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I read somewhere that one has to be root before the directories can be copied - and sure enough, that was true! I managed to start the transfer with root rights and everything is going smoothly.


I just don't get it; why do I have to be root in order to copy directories and subdirectories with cp command? I still have the ownership of the original folder I'm trying to copy to and the directories I'm trying to copy from.


Well, that's solved.

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I've had similar in the past when mounting a USB disk, it would only let me as root until I did some jiggery pokery with the folder and permissions. Then I could do it as a regular user.


Two things, either using the rw option to pass in fstab so that it's read-write, or change the permissions on the directory where you mount the share. A nice easy way to test is chmod 777 /home/netstorage/images/photos and then mount the share like you currently do in /etc/fstab and see if you can save as a regular user. If not,then the fstab might need rw adding to your options.

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I also remember something like:


chmod g+s /path/to/folder


however, a chmod 777 should have given full world read rights to everybody and you should have gained access from it without a problem.

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Well, yes, but the funny thing was that I had all the rights to the directories, but still cannot copy subdirectories (or, I think it was the problem creating the new subfolders). But with root rights (with sudo) I can do it with no problems.

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OK, I've used Openfiler a few weeks now, but I'm beginning to think, this is not what I was looking for.


I want to

  • have one centralized storage for all my files (photos, documents, videos etc.)
  • have the possibility to control user & group rights for the storage
  • possibly use it as an FTP or even an HTTP server later on
  • add a USB-printer to access it from all my PCs (not possible with Openfiler - and this is a must for me)
  • make the files available for my PS3 to view (act as a media server for my PS3) - don't know if it's possible with Openfiler
  • build RAID1 (OK with Openfiler)
  • build LVM (OK with Openfiler)

What other options are there for building this? I could also use Mandriva as the OS (perhaps with a lean window manager). It is a full tabletop PC anyway, so I should be able to build RAID1 and LVM with any Linux flavour basically, but what do you suggest?

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Based on options 1, 2 and 4 you can use samba for this and set permissions and also configure and access your printer. Option 3 you can install vsftpd and apache. Not sure about option 5 and PS3 stuff, but I'm sure I saw someone do that somewhere (if not in a post on this site). Options 6 and 7 will be fine with any distro that has LVM and RAID support which will probably be all of them :)


But yeah, if you want to do all that you need to have your own Linux distro installed and configure it as you require. Openfiler is just NAS/SAN storage.

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