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another video driver problem :(


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I have an old NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400 graphic card that worked flawlessly on Mandriva 2009. After an update the situation changed a bit: I have now good 3D hardware acceleration but 2D graphics is slow. It takes about 2 seconds to show the icons on a desktop after minimizing a window; desktop selection rectangle doesn't work smooth anymore and window moving isn't smooth either.


I use the following driver (installed by Mandriva):

vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

renderer: GeForce4 Ti 4400/AGP/SSE2

version: 1.5.8 NVIDIA 96.43.11


Any ideas?

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What version of the NVIDIA driver are you using? I know they stopped updating for this card a while back, just can't remember what the last release number was that this card supported now.


Incidently, I have this card also just not using it right now :)

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Doh :D


I'd check the NVIDIA website and check exactly which version was the last to support your card. It could well be this one, but I'd do it to be sure.




Never mind, checked it here:




last version is 1.0-96xx - you have too new a driver which isn't supported on your card.

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Make sure you have the mesa and mesa-demos packages installed from the official Mandriva repos. Then please post the output of
glxinfo | grep -E -i 'rendering|OpenGL|server glx|client glx'


[ilia@mdv ~]$ glxinfo | grep -E -i 'rendering|OpenGL|server glx|client glx'
direct rendering: Yes
server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
server glx version string: 1.4
server glx extensions:
client glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
client glx version string: 1.4
client glx extensions:
OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL renderer string: GeForce4 Ti 4400/AGP/SSE2
OpenGL version string: 1.5.8 NVIDIA 96.43.11
OpenGL extensions:
[ilia@mdv ~]$

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I used a GeForce4 card very recently with the 96.43.11 driver without problem on Mandriva 2008.1.


I think there is more going on here than simply the wrong video driver. However, you could always try using a older driver from the NVidia website.

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I agree with daniewicz, I don't believe that this is only a driver problem. The output you've posted looks ok. Would you please post (at least three lines) the output of


[ilia@mdv ~]$ glxgears
20320 frames in 5.0 seconds = 4063.656 FPS
19445 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3888.943 FPS
20802 frames in 5.0 seconds = 4160.382 FPS
12399 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2479.588 FPS


looks fine to me...

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