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Hmmm Im still lost I got the picture running but why the hell is that dam thing so dam blurry? Should I post? or what?



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Great GIMP tutorials on the Gimp User Group website:




Step by step, with screenies ...



- Drop shadows

- Bump mapping

- Rounded corners [fr]

- Brushed metal [fr]

- GIF (indexed colours)

- Drawing Basic Shapes

- Layer masks

- Assembling images


Text effects

- Apple iMac like text

- Techno text

- Golden text

- icy glow

- Urablackstone

- Chrome text


Working with textures

- Get stoned!

- Water from above

- Neon scanlines

- Rust

- "Scott Effect"


Transparent Objects

- Matrix

- Mechanical Texture

- Snake Skin

- Marble

- Metal

- Oils on Canvas



- Scheme basics

- How to create a Script-fu

- Batch Gimp



Artwork enhancement

- Cartoon Drawing

- Colorizing sketches

- Fog


Icons and misc.

- Doing icons using paths

- Doing a box using paths

- How to do wires

- Scott's Glassy Orbs


3D balls howto

- Aqua/Crystal Balls Tutorial

- Lightning

- Aqua button

- Star burst


Translucent Tape

- Silky swirl

- Polka dots

- The Hallway


Blending effects

- Sphere magic

- Fire!

- Chrome pipes

- Steel shapes

- Iron chains

- Pearls

- Gear wheels


- Coffee frame

- Photo manipulation

- Touching up b/w scans

- Scan line effect


Graphic tablets

- Configuring Wacom USB tablets under Linux

- Aiptek graphic tablets under Linux HOWTO



- Travelling text

- Flashpoint Text

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Guest Adriano

Check gnuart.net. Lots of photography, drawings, and more. All released under guess what...


Great place to relax or find a good photo for a website.

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I'm glad I found this forum... I just got my Linux (Mandrake 10.1) box two days ago, and know virtually nothing. I've been looking for help with GIMP.. and general desktop/art resources...


Justtt wanna say thanks to everyone who posted, and when I have work to show, I'll post up.

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