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  1. Sao

    Anarchy Online

    Does anyone play ? Not sure if it was mentioned before... but this is the site: http://www.anarchy-online.com/content/game/whatisao/ I'm not sure if I should d/l because I'm not comfortable with linux yet =/ ... not sure if the game will even install right.. or whatever. so yeah.. opinions?
  2. Sao

    rpm for a p2p client?

    I tried limewire... I'm starting to think my comp. is haunted... I will try again. but if it doesnt work imma need help. haha =X
  3. Kdeartwork ? uhhh. I'll go do that
  4. Sao

    rpm for a p2p client?

    Thank you very mucho =]
  5. Sao

    rpm for a p2p client?

    THANK YOU =] means a lot ... anywayss... Ok so I understand now that urpmi is a type of program to help me install things. Uhm it installs things. So how does that work? what file extentions does it work with? ..like what kind of programs does it help install or whatever. I know these are like basic questions.. sorry lol =X I understand how to install the EasyUrpmi, just what does "architecture" mean for the first step? I'm running Mandriva 10.1 i know that... and for package manager I pick urpmi... and thanks for breaking down step 3. how would I install things using the mandriva control center? I know what it is and how to get to it, just not sure what to do/use it for so I'm hesitant... I realllly messed comps up before experimenting, but that was with windows. Still looking for help installing a p2p... all the ones i've tried are retarded, I don't know where they go after installation or they don't work or dissapear or loop back to some file.. blah, i don't know how to explain it. all i want is my music =[ oh, did I say i appreciate the help? lol <3
  6. Sao

    rpm for a p2p client?

    Sigh. I know i must seem like an idiot... but i don't know what urpmi is? and yeah... I went to the http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ b/c the other site leads to there too =] and uhm, I still don't understand what's goin' on. I know in step one you pick your version of mandriva linux then step two ..what's that for ? mirrors? am I downloading something? and step three tells me to go into my root cmmand tihng, and I am sOO not doing that because I don't know what I'm doin.. exactly.. so yea. Does anyone have the patience to break it down? I promise I'll read =X
  7. Now I feel stupid-er ... if that's possible. I took a screenshot of my Kcontrol window... do you see a theme manager ?? maybe i just don't have it ? I found new options though Likeee I can change icons n my splash start up screen n stuff.. so haha, thx.. i didn't know bout that =X here's the ss:
  8. I went to www.kde-look.org and downloaded a theme but I can't figure out how to install it? the maker explained how to install it like this: * After downloading the .gz file, extract all files in the directory you want (home directory), then "right click" on .kth file and "install..". * if you don't have this option after "right click" on ".kth" file: proceed this way: # "After extracting your files - open Control Center (not MCC but the one to customize your desktop). From there go to Appearance and Themes, then Theme Manager, next click Install New Theme. From that place navigate to where you extracted the KTH file and choose that KTH file. Finally, pick the theme from the list and Apply." My problem is I can't "install" after I extract the files to the directory of my choice... and in the "configure-desktop" control panel it doesn't have a button/option that says "Appearance and Themes" All it has is "behavior" "multiple desktops" "paths" "backrounds" "screensavers" so I don't know what to do.. it's sad. am I being blonde? some one help =/
  9. Does anyone have/know of an rpm for a p2p client? im getting desperate now -,- I want my freakin music =/ -thx [split from old thread by spinynorman]
  10. Sao

    XBC on MDK10.1?

    yeah.. oh well. Thanks for checking it out. Just needed a second opinion.
  11. Sao

    XBC on MDK10.1?

    uhm, my bro asked me about installing XBC(xbox connect or somthing like that)... it's suppose to be the free version of xbox live from what I understand. Well he said he couldn't get it to install, and I've already searched for an rpm version... so I have no idea what to tell him. Should he use an emulator? it's not a game though... i think you call it a client.. ha. sorry, I'm new with this stuff.
  12. there is no 'extra' menu... I found my problem though... I was looking at the wrong names.. lmao. looking at the actual file names instead of the names of the fonts... i see them now. ahh well. *feels dumb*
  13. my fonts are not showing up when i use applications.. like in office the drop down list doesn't include them. I installed 300 true type fonts through the KDE control center... suggestions?
  14. np =] but I can't make threads... I have a problem I wanted to ask about in the gaming forum.. because my lil bro wants help using XBC on linux.. =/
  15. I had the same problem... thanks for helpin anna =] do all plugins work that way? I have to add them in the control center?
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