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"Handbrake" DVD transcoder GUI


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I installed HandBrake-0.9.4-1plf2010.0.i586.rpm on my Aspire one netbook. It looks like it will work,

however I can not see the bottom of the window. The "start" is grayed out, so I think there is something below to select but I can't see it. I looked to see if I could change handbrake window size, but didn't see anything.


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'start' is initially grayed out until you have selected a source file.

The window can't be resized, that's how the Handbrake developers made it (I can't change that, I only packaged it up for Mandriva as it is), you could point out that the window size is too big for a netbook on the Handbrake Linux forum, maybe they take that into consideration for the next release:



You could also connect the netbook to an external monitor, there you should be able to see the full window.


On the other hand an Atom cpu (like in your Acer) would be very slow at transcoding videos anyway.

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