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  1. I installed HandBrake-0.9.4-1plf2010.0.i586.rpm on my Aspire one netbook. It looks like it will work, however I can not see the bottom of the window. The "start" is grayed out, so I think there is something below to select but I can't see it. I looked to see if I could change handbrake window size, but didn't see anything. thanks...
  2. Dad

    DVD playing issues now

    I got it to work and It was stupid! I found if I clicked on the arrow to advance to the next title it would play from the beginning. I had to keep the screens small or the audio would not be in sync with the video. The MXC DVD I had to keep the screen around 3 inches square, or the sound would unsync then a few minutes it start skipping and an error about too many video packets would pop up. I tried to find the VLC and couldn't. I went to their site and follow links all over and never found a download link. I'll have to search again so time when I'm bored.
  3. Dad

    DVD playing issues now

    Yes its installed. I have been playing DVDs that needed it, until today when I got the new DVDs. Some other info, I have a cheap VIA video in this laptop, Mplayer is using x11. Totem, Xine, Kaffeine will crash when I launch them. Then I have to log back in. Mplayer may be a different problem than Totem, Xine, Kaffeine. I suppose something maybe out of date, codecs or libdvdcss?
  4. Howdy folks! I just got in the mail today some MXC and Three Stooges DVDs brand new from Amazon. I only have Mplayer installed because Totem, Lindvd, Kaffeine and whatever the rest are won't run on my laptop. The three stooges won't do anything at all, the MXC player with the wrong audio and starts spewing errors after a minute and slows down. I'm guessing there must be something new with decryption? I also read there maybe some issue with compiz Its installed but I don't see it running anywhere. Its not in the startup menu either. Mandriva 2008 maybe .1 not sure. Any ideas?
  5. Greg2 that worked! Thanks! and thanks to adamw for the first half!!!
  6. So far I have edited /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-compat and /etc/modprobe.conf and neither has worked. So I'm either in the wrong place or typing the wrong driver info. So where exactly do I put "options snd-usb-audio index=0" and "options snd-hda-intel index=1" Thanks everyone!
  7. Howdy, I'm trying to force my laptop audio from speakers to USB headphones. I did this before with Debian. I just added my sound driver to the blacklist file and thats all. I'm now trying the same thing and its not working. I'm using /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-compat which I'm not sure thats the blacklist file or not. cat /proc/asound/cards 0 [VT82xx ]: HDA-Intel - HDA VIA VT82xx HDA VIA VT82xx at 0xc9100000 irq 22 1 [Headset ]: USB-Audio - Logitech USB Headset Logitech Logitech USB Headset at usb-0000:00:10.1-2, full speed How do I blacklist the driver? DOH! I some how managed to post this in the wrong place!
  8. I'm jumping back and forth between computers and its a pain to copy things from one screen to another, sorry. I did get the Knoppix DVD and install it on the hard drive! However I have no sound or internet connection. Solve one thing find a couple more!!
  9. I finally got it. I downloaded Knoppix 5.1 and used qtparted to partion and format the drive. It took me a long time to figure it out, old age I guess. Then I tried Mandriva 2007.1 live install again and it still won't see the drive. So something if funny with that. I'm trying to download the DVD version and try it. Fdisk did see anything or DF and the device Icon had nothing.
  10. There are no Raid options in the Bios. Actually there is very little in the Bios and even less that can be changed. I also tried to install XP thinking maybe I could format the drive. However XP wouldn't load either. I'm not sure but maybe thats a windoze thing. It didn't display anything about older version of software, I got blue screens of death. Is it possible that in some way the drive has something installed to stop any formatting or changes to the drive? I found on another web site, not the Everex site, that they are using something called "Pad-Lock Security Engine". It didn't say what it was or how to disable it. I suspect thats the problem!!!!! I called Everex and they told me that its Vista that is preventing any other software from being installed. Charming!
  11. The error I'm seeing when I do the command line "live Install is...an error occurred - no valid devices were found on which to create new filesystem. Please check your hardware for the cause of the problem at /usr/lib/libdrakX/fs/any.pm line 17 When I go to, configure your computer, hardware, look at config..., I see "SATA Controller, VT8237A SATA 2 port Controller" and "E IDE/ATA Controller, VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C/ pip This the same info I see doing lspci -vv except for other stuff like pci bridge P4M900 bridge and other hardware stuff. It appears that the drivers are there but something is preventing anything but vista accessing the drive. I wonder if this is a billy gate$ trick! I didn't see a md5sum, I even tried to load XP and I got the blue screen of doom each time I tried. So there is something screwy going on. Thanks :) This info is from 2007.1 live install CD
  12. I tried to install Mandriva 2007.1 using the live install. It would run fine from CD but when I clicked the "live Install" Icon nothing would happen. I ran it from command line and it complained about a hard drive error. Don't remember what it was. So I tried Mandriva 2006 and it would spew all kinds of Hard drive errors and IRQ errors. So I tried some different options and found if I used the optional kernel it would start to install. Then a window would come up asking me to pick the bus driver from a list. Of course the one I need probably isn't there so it would give me an error about Hardrake unable to determine what hardware was installed. I tried the Everex site to see if I could figure out what driver I needed, but nothing was listed. I also email them a question about it. Hope this helps, I know I should write down the errors but it was late and brain wasn't functioning well either!
  13. I bought this laptop at Wal-mart and it seems to be pretty nice for the price. However it came with billy gates vista preloaded. I tried to install 2007.1 then 2006 and even XP and none would work. I finally found when playing around with kernel options under 2006 that its a bus driver problem. It seems that the only driver is in vista, what a dirty trick! Anyone have any ideas?
  14. Howdy, I downloaded and burned the 2007.1 spring edition. I installed it and found it runs from the CD rather than installing. So I read if I want to install it to click on the "Live Install" Icon. Well Nothing happens, the little mouse pointer shows its trying to do something but after 20 seconds or so it quits. I can get to the internet so it doesn't seem to be a network issue. Any ideas???? Ok, after much fiddling around I found that there are no IDE drivers for my hard drive. Its a WD800BEVS-22RSTO "80gig Western Digital"drive in a Laptop. I was trying to get 2006 to install, when I tried a different kernnel. This brought up a bunch of options to select an IDE driver. None worked so it would go past that point. I'm suprised that 2007.1 didn't work either. Buggered!
  15. Dad

    2007.1 Install

    I bought a new laptop and tried to install the 2007 spring edition. It only runs from the cd. I tried to do the live install but nothing happens. So I tried 2006 edition and got some hard drive error and IRQ errors. Probably new hardware that 2006 edition doesn't like. So if anyone knows how to get the live install to work that would be great!!!
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