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  1. From a root console or from root Dolphin or Konqueror I get: No protocol specified kwrite: cannot connect to X server :0.0 What's the fix for that?
  2. Installs without issue and works like a champ. Thanks!
  3. What's on your mind?

  4. Here's what I did to solve this: Go to /usr/local/games/quake3 and change the quake3 start script to this. #!/bin/sh # Needed to make symlinks/shortcuts work. # the binaries must run with correct working directory cd "/usr/local/games/quake3/" artsdsp -m /usr/local/games/quake3/quake3.x86 $* exit $? On previous KDE desktops setting the "autosuspend if idle for" time in MCC worked but not on KDE 3.5. :dry:
  5. Had a similar problem with a game. If your running KDE try this: Open the KDE Control Center, go to Sound and Multimedia, go to Sound and set Auto-Suspend to a very short time, I set mine to 5 seconds. Click on the Hardware tab and set Select the audio device to autodetect. This works in KDE because KDE monopolizes the sound system. Hope this helps Ken
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    Help.. Please?

    Intel Linux Drivers Check the README
  7. A bit late, but, download the windoze driver package for the device, extract it and find the ".bin" file. Put this file /lib/firmware/ or /lib/hotplug/firmware/ depending on your driver. You may have to rename it. Check dmesg for the exact name of the missing firmware. I use a DWL-120+ usb wireless, ti 1100b chipset, sounds like your using something similar. Good luck.
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