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Audio CD player


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Does KsCD play the file or at least give you a track listing?


If you started it from a command line you'll get a few error messages if it can't run for some reason.


And what do you meem by busy?

You should be able to adjust Aumix without something else running.

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No, KsCD doesn't even show anywhere to be seen

this bug appears also on another PC bought at the same time as mine


When I type KsCD in a console I get : "bash: Kscd command not found"

so how can I install it ?

it has been installed automatically on my older PC


at the start of the new PC a warning comes on the screen

"ATI radeon IGP Notheast bridge not fully tested"

does this mean I have to wait for the next issue of MDK9.1 ?

Thanks for your attention


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Linux is case sensitive. Don't use uppercase letters with the command:


$ kscd


That will bring up kscd or print out error messages. Also, look on the taskbar. Sometimes kscd will auto run from the task bar; it shows up as a record icon in the right hand corner of the bar. If you click on the icon kscd will come up. If it's already running in the taskbar, selecting it in the start menu will do nothing as you describe.

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just on a hunch..........do you have kscd installed? the "command not found......." message is common if you don't have the software that you're trying to run installed. if you're not sure if it's installed, open MCC->packaging->install software & type kscd in the search box & click "search". if it comes up, check it, install it, then try to run kscd.


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the miniatures box was not appearing in the task bar so I couldn't see kscd on

now I have kscd window on the desk

the CD is flashing in Cd reader and my aumix has been adjusted OK

but :

the indication lecture on the counter doesn't progress ! !

if I pause the flashing light on the CD reader stops

so where to check now ?


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Now with KsCd all seems OK the counter is moving when the CD reading starts

the only problem I hear Nothing

the loudspeakers are in and provide me with the sart sound when KDE is opening on my PC

so What ? My PC is probably younger than my MDK9.1 version

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