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kde 3.1.2 upgrade/usage

chris z

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(sorry if this has been covered before....i tried searching, but came up with over 1000 results......if it has, please direct me to the relevant post)


has anybody downloaded the lastest version of KDE (v. 3.1.2)? if so, is it pretty stable? much improvement over the previous version? pro vs. cons for upgrading? are there, or will there be, any MDK rpm's in the near future for KDE 3.1.2? and, most importantly, does the install keep your previous KDE desktop settings, or does it wipe those settings out so that you have to start from scratch? just wondrin' before i start on an adventure that i may regret, because my current setup of KDE is pretty much tweaked to my satisfaction & running trouble free.



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I can answer a couple of those questions.


I have upgraded to 3.1.2 on both my laptop and my desktop. I like it. I don't notice any major improvements over 3.1, but it is very nice.


There are MDK rpms available from texstar. All I had to do (after re-adding texstar as a urpmi source) to upgrade to 3.1.2 was type one command

urpmi kdebase-3.1.2

and it downloaded and upgraded everything for me. Very easy.


AFAIK the upgrade keeps all of your desktop settings. I, too, tweaked my desktop to my liking before upgrading and I didn't have to change anything after the upgrade.


Hope this helps you out.

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Guest maddin

I also installed the Texstar 3.1.2 rpm's, and everything worked fine afterwards, all settings were still the same. It should work for you, too.

And about stability: since its 3.1.2, it should be definitly more stable than 3.1.


AFAIK Mandrake won't release any 3.1.2 rpm's since they only want to deliver fixes for the KDE release included in the distro. The next "new" KDE will therefore be delivered with 9.2.

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i keep hearing about "texstar" & his (their?) rpm's. what/who is "texstar"? is there a website for texstar, or are you talking about the pclinuxonline site? if that's the case, there are dozens of KDE related rpm's for MDK, but i don't see any specifically for KDE 3.1.2 desktop OS. could ya kick me in the a$$ & point me to which rpm's i need to get, please? :oops:



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Textar is a user on pclinuxonline.com and here. He's making RPMs for SuSe and MDK users. You can find them at the following site:




or go at the following site and follow the steps to add one of the mirrors to your urpmi database.




btw, all those are for kde 3.1.2

kdeaddons-3.1.2-1tex..> 27-May-2003 01:08   1.1M  

kdeaddons-atlantik-3..> 27-May-2003 01:08    66k  

kdeadmin-3.1.2-1tex...> 27-May-2003 01:09   1.0M  

kdeadmin-kpackage-3...> 27-May-2003 01:09   176k  

kdeartwork-3.1.2-8te..> 12-Jun-2003 00:56   9.9M  

kdeartwork-kde-class..> 12-Jun-2003 00:57   2.7M  

kdebase-3.1.2-9.4tex..> 30-Jun-2003 14:44  18.1M  

kdebase-devel-3.1.2-..> 13-Jul-2003 00:24    52k  

kdebase-kdm-3.1.2-9...> 12-Jul-2003 23:46   165k  

kdebase-nsplugins-3...> 30-Jun-2003 14:44    93k  

kdebase-servicemenu-..> 12-Jul-2003 23:46     4k  

kdeedu-3.1.2-1tex.i5..> 27-May-2003 01:26  14.8M  

kdegames-3.1.2-2tex...> 27-May-2003 01:30   8.9M  

kdegames-devel-3.1.2..> 27-May-2003 01:30    91k  

kdegraphics-3.1.2-3t..> 02-Jun-2003 19:17   4.9M  

kdegraphics-devel-3...> 02-Jun-2003 19:18    18k  

kdelibs-3.1.2-9.3tex..> 30-Jun-2003 14:46   6.4M  

kdelibs-common-3.1.2..> 30-Jun-2003 14:48   5.2M  

kdelibs-devel-3.1.2-..> 30-Jun-2003 14:49   866k  

kdemoreartwork-SuSE-..> 26-May-2003 20:30    33k  

kdemoreartwork-freec..> 26-May-2003 20:32   4.8M  

kdemoreartwork-liqui..> 26-May-2003 20:32   114k  

kdemoreartwork-mkult..> 26-May-2003 20:32    38k  

kdemoreartwork-qinx-..> 26-May-2003 20:32    59k  

kdemoreartwork-sound..> 26-May-2003 20:33   2.9M  

kdemultimedia-3.1.2-..> 20-Jul-2003 12:48   6.7M  

kdemultimedia-devel-..> 20-Jul-2003 12:48   204k  

kdenetwork-3.1.2-9.4..> 21-Jul-2003 00:48   4.8M  

kdenetwork-devel-3.1..> 21-Jul-2003 00:48   109k  

kdenetwork-kppp-3.1...> 21-Jul-2003 00:49   609k  

kdepim-3.1.2-2tex.i5..> 06-Jul-2003 15:54   2.9M  

kdepim-devel-3.1.2-2..> 06-Jul-2003 15:54    28k  

kderadio-0.3.0-1tex...> 26-May-2003 20:33    58k  

kdesdk-3.1.2-1tex.i5..> 27-May-2003 01:43   2.5M  

kdesdk-devel-3.1.2-1..> 27-May-2003 01:43    18k  

kdetoys-3.1.2-1tex.i..> 27-May-2003 01:44   1.6M  

kdetoys-devel-3.1.2-..> 27-May-2003 01:44     2k  

kdeutils-3.1.2-2tex...> 13-Jun-2003 14:10   1.7M  

kdeutils-devel-3.1.2..> 13-Jun-2003 14:10    16k  

But you really only need kdebase to have kde 3.1.2 installed on your system. The remainings are addons.



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how does one go about setting up texstar's repository to install/download the rpm's? can it be done through MCC update/install packages, or does it have to be done via command line from terminal? (i'm at work & not on a MDK machine, so i'll have to play with this tonight)


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i updated the sources..........installed the Textstar KDE 3.1.2base rpm & all dependencies............rebooted...........all seems fine, BUT i have no cdrom, burner, or floppy icons on my desktop!!! saw a thread about the same problem, but there was no solution.....followed Textstars instructions to restore them, but it doesn't work. /etc/fstab hasn't been altered, i checked. (set for supermount.....still is.....all paths are correct.) can anybody offer any suggestions on how to get my drives back & operable? i'll keep plugging along in the mean time.



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Yes that is an issue that is easily resolvable until texstar adds that support back into the base rpm..Which according to his forum is next on his list..:)


Anyways there is an easy fix until he does.. right click desktop click on Create New ---> Link to Location(url) ---> then in the file name space Type the name such as DVD Rom then on the space for Enter link to location type /mtn/cdrom where cdrom is the mount point for your cdrom. If you have a second cdrom like a cd burner it most likely will be at /mnt/cdrom2. Floppy would be /mnt/floppy. Then you can mount any others you wish using the same general idea.


You can check that via Konqueror by browsing to the /mnt folder.

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