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chris z

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The reason chris_z had permissions problems is because he did not complete that part of the k3b setup. It is done on the second to the last page when you must add users to the record group. Always add your user!! The lines that k3b writes work just fine. Again, the problem most people have is leaving the two entries that existed before. What k3b should do, and doesn't, is mark out the two lines. So you have to do that. Another note, your folders in /mnt should read /mnt/k3b.reader and /mnt/k3b.writer. They do not have to say "cdrom". It is a problem that your ide scanbus does not detect the other drive. I suspect either the cable is loose, or you really need to split the cdroms onto different channels.

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It works! :D


With lots warnings about bogus TOC, (i copied disk 1 of mdk install!) and a warning about read error at LBA 2574 len 26 :shock:

but I did a quick and dirty setup.


Here's what I did: Install 3-disk version of mdk 9.1 (it IS different from 2-disk version-especially &*%)%$#! nvidia 4496 install.

Emulate scsi in lilo.conf, save, exit, run lilo, reboot.

Do k3b setup, only things I entered were generic mmc and my username.



That's it.


I think it need some tweaking, but seems to be the right start, and can find the tweaks in these pages.


Now to find out how to connect in this version of Mdk without going through mcc :?

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