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my root is full


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Hello there


im using mandriva 2008

and i install it in my desktop pc in Intel DUO Core with 1gb memory


my purpose is i want to establish vtiger crm using mandriva 2008 and I was sucesfully done

this pass 3 weeks i can connect vtiger through web connection but after that i got problem everytime i log the username password cannot go inside so i decided to troubleshoot it. I found first the HDD is full but only the root /


i dont know why...but /home its okey and laso /var/www the capacity is good

hmmm. i really really dont have idea for this...

i dont know what folder is going to full i did not set auto update the media...


please anyone can help me...


here is my partitioning of my HDD


FileSystem		Size	Used	AVail   USe%	Mounted On
/Dev/sda1		 15G	14G	 492M	97%	  /
/Dev/sda7		 17G   194M	  16G	 2%	  /home
/Dev/sda6		 39G   258M	  37G	 1%	  /var/www




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Wow, you've used 14 Gigs in your root directory but less than 200 Megs in your home? That's very unusual! Normally the root partition has only a few gigs in it (like maybe 5).

Do you store all your personal stuff somewhere in the root tree rather than in your /home directory?


Try using filelight (if you've got it) to see where all the space is being used up. Or use Ian's tip from the command line.

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I really really apreciated your all suggestion, now my problem using du -sh `ls` it is a dos mode i can see the capacity each folder

wow im so happy now i know already whats really goin on inside of my hdd. someone suggested that i have to pay attention in logs yes its true

i saw httpd logs it consume 12gb i dont know why...


thats another problem that i have to trace it...anyway...



thanks guys


many many thanks

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Most people that run servers use a separate partition for /var just because of this very problem. On a server, /var can fill up very fast and if its on the same partition as /, you can run into problems when your root partition gets close to full.


precisely, although having too little partition for logs can also break some services who needs that facility.


@kyzzar: if it isnt too important topreserve the logs it would be better if you implement a log rotate mechanism that rolls the logs in a weekly/daily basis, compresses them, and/or deletes old logs (say a month or so).


you say you don't know why you have that much http logs? do you run a web server on your machine? is it accessible outside? are you expecting heavy traffic on your web site? it might be that you are already being targeted by probes that attempts to find vulnerabilities in your web installation. a sample of your logs (say 1000) might be useful[1].


[1] head -1000 /name/of/logfile > /tmp/first1000lines.txt



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39 gigs for /var/www?

Unless you run a corporate server, this is simply too much.

Try changing it to /var and moving all needed files accordingly. The best way to do that is via a liveCD, with the OS not running.

And yes, your /home partition is too small... unless the usage of that machine is server-only, you will surely have trouble with it.

And- for the record: Do you have a swap partition, or not?

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Try also to check the logs, why it generate that fast, try to check for errors, access and error logs maybe.

Ramfree is correct, you should set a logrotate mechanism for your logs. and better to separate /var to /.


Another thing, its better to have a monitoring system also for that server, which will alert you when that same problem might happen again.

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