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Wine install?


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how do i install it i try to install it by typeing in in the konsole # rpm -i winexxxx(what every other stuff is).rpm and it does nuthing nuthing comes up or does nething an di try to do the one where u right click on the RPm and click software installer and it installs it but what next? i wana beable to play a few games like halflife or tribes1 stuff like that cuz i only have a sis 4mb card in my system(dono if it has opengl or dx)so could u guys help me out?

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I never had much luck, but what I know is that first you need to set up the config file. Once this is done properly you would issue a command in konsole such as:

wine notepad.exe


see this thread for some hints:



Just FYI, my problems I believe stem from windows and the apps I was trying to run were on a NT partition as thus not writable by Linux.

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