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Book suggestion for hardcore users

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I found this link in somebody's blog. It's freely downloadable now.

It's pretty hardcore users' stuff so in case you're unsure if it applies to you or not here's the short TOC:


Chapter 1: Best Practices and Initial Investigation

Chapter 2: strace and System Call Tracing Explained

Chapter 3: The /proc Filesystem

Chapter 4: Compiling

Chapter 5: The Stack

Chapter 6: The GNU Debugger (GDB)

Chapter 7: Linux System Crashes and Hangs

Chapter 8: Kernel Debugging with KDB

Chapter 9: ELF: Executable and Linking Format

A: The Toolbox

B: Data Collection Script

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another link http://www.linux-books.us/linux_general_0013.php for the same book.

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