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How do I get write access on my other hard drive?


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I have Win2k setup as my second OS on another hard drive. I can read it under my file manager but I cannot write to it. How do I change that? I tried looking under the MCC in Mount Points and set the options for it so that ordinary users can write to it but it did not work. I also right clicked on the drive in my file manager and in the properties I set it so that everyone has write access to it but that did not work either.


It is HDB and the mount point is /mnt/win_c2


The other partition that is doing the same thing is on hda and the mount point is /mnt/windows


Any ideas?

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What type is the file system on that HD? Is it vfat or ntfs (more likely)? Both can be made writeble, but in the latter case you will need to install ntfs-3g driver (sorry, I forgot its exact spelling). Search this forum for "writable NTFS" or similar keywords, there have been several threads on this. Or consult Mandriva wiki.

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