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Help to choose the easiest mail server to setup


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I am looking for a easy or somewhat easy mail server to setup on my server here at home. My connection is a DS3 and I have several static IP's.


The specs I want to use for the Outgoing side are:


Server: mail.dap-studios.us




Server: smtp.dap-studios.us


User Login: n9nu@dap-studios.us


Pword: ********


Now the thing is this machine has an address of 208.71.x.x and I have the hostname for this box as: dap-studios.us as it is registered and points to this box via godaddy. I looked at postfix and there is a crap load of settings....even via webmin.


Does anyone have any recommendations as to which server is best for this type of use (light mail use).





Also....if you would like to make a few bux ($$), I would be open to the idea of you connecting to my machine via the remote desktop or whatever feature to config things.


PM here for responses, it seems my present address, n9nu@digital-audio-pro.us, is down.

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I tend to prefer to set things up with postfix. It's quite straightforward and easy to do, provided you have a howto to follow. The postfix.org website has a lot of good information for this. I've tended to build postfix on Gentoo, and there is a really good howto for gentoo postfix virtual.




Whilst this is specific for Gentoo, you can use it for other distros, just config files will exist in different places, etc. But it should help you with a rough idea.

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I use Postfix, Courier (imap and pop3), amavis, clamav, spamassassin, dspam, sqlgrey, and all config stored in Mysql.


Got the web devs at work to "fix me up" a nice little management screen in php.


I can create/move/update/delete domains, accounts, aliases, passwords


works a treat so far ;)


I'm writing up my docs right now :D

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