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  1. I seem to have a problem with several programs & services not shutting down when I exit them. I notice that they are still being listed in Ksysguard when I run it. I have to manually kill them each time. In Ksysguard, the CPU activity level shoots up to 100 percent when I open it via SU. I notice Pulseaudio (root entry) is running at 91% and maxing out the processor. First, I have no idea why Pulseaudio would suddenly start in ROOT mode and takeover the CPU. Second, even if it does start, it should not take up that amount. When I close 'thunderbird' via the GUI (after using it), Ksysguard shows it is still running (just like Firefox), and after killing it from Ksysguard, it pops up with 2 new thunderbird processes (thunderbird-bin for one) which is called from another program relating from tbird. I have to manually kill those as well before I can exit with a clean system. The following programs are some of the ones which give me a problem: Firefox 3.6.x Pulseaudio Kmozhelper Filezilla In addition to those, there are various 'helper' programs (e.g. gconf-helper) that are pointless to have running. There are numerous system apps that I can do without as well (e.g. gvs-fuse-demo, gconfd-2, khelper, etc). I would first, like to find out why programs like Firefox, etc. insist on remaining in memory which when I come back to re-open them, pop up a window telling me 'Firefox is already running, blah xxxxxxxxx'. I dont know if this situation (firefox or others) are a bug issue, so I thought I would ask here and see if anyone is having this problem. Second, I would like to find a program or method (CLI editing is fine) to handle to startup issues (rc.d, etc?). There used to be a program (pre Mandriva days) that would allow one to prevent these from starting up (along the lines of Drakservices), but I cannot find anything like it now. Most of the entries I would like to dump are helper programs, those which seem to be duped, and KDE modules that I do not use/need (e.g. policy kit helpers, gvs blah, and others). So....does anyone have any insight on these two problems/issues (hanging/hidden running apps & disabling unneeded processes) Thank You Tim ARS N9NU System: Mandriva 2010.1 Cooker 64 bit && Mandriva 2010 (official) 64 Bit Window Manager: Compiz Window Decoration: KDE4 Window Decorator Drivers: OEM nVidia 256.xx Quadro GPU: Quadro NVS 295
  2. Hello I have what most would consider a pretty basic system and would like to get a few tips on assigning variables to each of the 2 NIC's I have in this Mandriva Box. This box is connected directly to the 'Inet' via a fiber connection and acts as a FQDN http and FTP server for testing purposes and at times an 'on by request' FTP server. My domain name associated with this box is: fsx-planet.info . That NIC is eth1. The 2nd NIC is assigned (local LAN) via NIC 2 (eth0). I want to access the LAN via eth0 to connect to my FreeNAS box and other machines on that subnet (192.168.0.x). The address of is my Smoothwall box which in-turn feeds to my HP Gigabit managed switch. At this time I do NOT have this machine (the FQDN) behind the smoothwall box via port forwarding. I just want to access the LAN via eth0 ( My understanding is that I can have only 1 (one) gateway assigned to my box. Right now that gateway is setup to access the INET via my WISP. Now....I have been assigning the eth0 NIC the address of as stated above WITH the gateway field filled in with (the smoothwall box). This I understand is NOT the right way to do it...as I am getting substantial LAG because I have both NIC's assigned separate gateways. I was told I need to assign a 'static route' from the LAN NIC (eth0) to the smoothwall box address so I can properly access the LAN. I do not know where to enter the appropriate information (the route) within the /etc/xxx scripts. My problem or question at this point is: How is the traffic I want to tx/rx via the LAN side able to 'know' to use the correct (eth0) LAN NIC ?? This is were I was told I needed to assign a 'route' to point to the smoothwall box. I have the host 'fsx-planet.info' assigned to the INET NIC (eth1) and the host 'internal.fsx-planet.info' assigned to the LAN NIC (eth0). Both entries get overwritten with each time I reboot. I would like to 'statically' assign those host names to each of the NIC's in a way that they don't get over-written by 'drakhost' which is the Mandriva utility that automatically assigns that info upon start-up. Can I edit say..../etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and eth1 to include host info so it 'sticks' each time. I just received an email suggesting I try using 'iptoute2' to allow for multiple gateways on one machine. It seems this is possible, but will wait for more input Tim Yeah...I probably made it confusing with all that ;)
  3. This is probably most easy for some of you, but despite all the howto's I a have read, I cannot for the life of me get Mysql to accept a password upon initial installation. I only neeed MySQLD to run so I can put up my phpBB. I don't need anything fancy...just the basics for this PC. The FQDN for this machine is: 'fsx-planet.info' and the hostname is set to that as well. I always get the password error "SET TO YES" crap when I try. I have seen so many different ways to do it, but none that actually work for my setup. I am running 2009.1 and have all the necessary mysql, apache, proftpd, php, etc. files installed. Each time I try and get that error, I remove 'mysql' and try again. My "my.cnf' file has the line "skip-networking" commented out per many howtos. I have not entered a user name or password into that file. It then tells me to issue the following two commands: mysql -u root --password=my_password --port=2273 --protocol=TCP mysql -u root --password=my_password --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysqlmanager.sock First...i changed the port to 3306 then I ran the first command....to get the password = YES crap. Why bother with 2nd one again. I then noticed this instruction: Please note you also need to add a user in the /etc/mysqlmanager.passwd file and make sure the file is owned by the user under which the Instance Manager service is running under. Do I need to add the user and password first?? AI beg for a simple explanation.... Thank You Tim
  4. Hi yeah...there is a lot of crap in that file..I have to sort through it. I am almost positive there is more than 1 device trying to run sound Tim
  5. Ok...here is the scoop. I have for this box an on-board sound card which is shown below: lspci |grep -i audio RETURNS: 00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1) lspcidrake -v | fgrep -i AUDIO RETURNS: snd_hda_intel : nVidia Corporation|MCP67 High Definition Audio (vendor:10de device:055c subv:1565 subd:820c) grep sound-slot /etc/modprobe.conf RETURNS: alias sound-slot-0 snd_hda_intel lsmod RETURNS: /sbin/lsmod Module Size Used by snd_seq_dummy 7556 0 snd_seq_oss 36864 0 snd_seq_midi_event 11520 1 snd_seq_oss snd_seq 59296 5 snd_seq_dummy,snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi_event snd_seq_device 11412 3 snd_seq_dummy,snd_seq_oss,snd_seq snd_pcm_oss 45856 0 snd_mixer_oss 20224 1 snd_pcm_oss snd_hda_intel 458072 0 snd_pcm 82952 2 snd_pcm_oss,snd_hda_intel snd_timer 26256 2 snd_seq,snd_pcm snd_page_alloc 12816 2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm snd_hwdep 12424 1 snd_hda_intel snd 63816 9 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq,snd_seq_device,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_hda_intel,snd_p cm,snd_timer,snd_hwdep soundcore 11296 1 snd nvidia 8109188 38 i2c_core 25888 1 nvidia fuse 50880 1 af_packet 24064 0 I have a feeling there are too many snd options above in use... Both run levels 3 and 5 are ON sbin/fuser -v /dev/dsp RETURNS: nothing...... Config options checked: Enable PulseAudio = NO Auto Routing from ALSA -> Pulse = NO Enable 5.1 w/ Pulse = NO Enable user switching for audio apps = YES I also checked the Pulse options as well, but same thing Oh yeah...I checked the bug reports in the post below and I forgot to mention there is NO sound whatsoever..in anything Tnx Tim
  6. Hello to all. I provide wireless server to a large part of north central Illinois and have been given un-throttled access as far as bandwidth is concerned. This is because I let them use my 100' ham radio tower as a Sector. I have a special Hitachi CAT 6 cable coming in to my room with an RJ-45 connector in which I used to plug into a cheap home router (D-Link EBR-2310). I was happy until I was told that I was given un-throttled bandwidth for my personal use...I then became very happy. That is between 40-50Mbit...as this sector is new and not fully loaded yet. I hooked the cable directly into my Linux box via the #1 Intel Pro 1000/Gigabit NIC card and set that one up for a static IP. I ran a reliable speedtest and received the results below. Since we continually get more than 45mbit of throughput via the wireless link, I can only get what you see above. I was told that I can tweak my Intel Pro 1000 NIC to improve some aspects and possibly increase that rate, but when I go to the hardware info page in the Control Center, it just shows the following: There is no place to enter other commands like Jumbo packets, etc., so I was wondering if anyone knows where I can obtain info on tweaking an Intel Pro 1000 NIC to maximize my throughput or any other tips that would help. Should I re-compile the kernel to change settings or add special ones? SYSTEM SPECS: Linux Mandriva 2009 (Cooker)64 Bit Edition AMD 64 Bit CPU (2.8GHz) 3GB of DDR2 D/C 2 Intel Pro 1000 Gigabit NIC cards (PCI) Thank You Tim Dickerson [moved from Networking by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
  7. HI I am looking for a easy or somewhat easy mail server to setup on my server here at home. My connection is a DS3 and I have several static IP's. The specs I want to use for the Outgoing side are: Server: mail.dap-studios.us or Server: smtp.dap-studios.us User Login: n9nu@dap-studios.us Pword: ******** Now the thing is this machine has an address of 208.71.x.x and I have the hostname for this box as: dap-studios.us as it is registered and points to this box via godaddy. I looked at postfix and there is a crap load of settings....even via webmin. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which server is best for this type of use (light mail use). Tim Also....if you would like to make a few bux ($$), I would be open to the idea of you connecting to my machine via the remote desktop or whatever feature to config things. PM here for responses, it seems my present address, n9nu@digital-audio-pro.us, is down.
  8. IDE? LOL I have not used an IDE drive in 4 years. As far as the 4GB swap space, I just pick a number....and yes I know that is a bit too high ;). As far as the 37GB FTP partition...that is hardly enough space for what I need on this machine. I own and run a Pro Tools professional recording studio and I am going to use this machine for a client log in so they can access their uncompressed audio files. For an average Joe, 37GB is moe than anyone needs.....for PCM audio at 24 bit resolution sampled at 192KHz it gobbles it up like your gas in your car Tim
  9. Hi Ok that sounds good to me. I was also even thinking of trying to get it to boot off of a 8GB USB Key/Pen/Thumb drive as well. I will look into that. Thank You Tim
  10. I have had Vista 64 installed on my primary drives which are a pair of Western Digital Raptor 150's which are in RAID 0 via the on-board SATA 2 nVidia controller and just installed Linux x64 on to another physical hard drive, but get a GRUB error (21) which is preventing me from booting into Linux. My drive configuration is below: In Windows: My question is, what drive do you suggest I install GRUB on to...the main drive (the nvidia mapped RAID 0) or the drive the Linux distro is installed on? Tim
  11. I just got a new wireless internet provider the other day and I am having problems getting a few things to setup correctly. I DO have access to the INET with the info below Below are the given specs for my connection: IP: 208.x.x.x Delivery: STATIC Subnet Mask given: Gateway given: DNS 1: DNS 2: Speed: 10mbit down - 8mbit up NICS: I have 2. The on board I want as the INET interface (ETH 1). ETH 0 I want as the Gateway/ICS NIC. The LAN cable comes directly from the dish on my tower right to my PC. I have no router, just a 16 port Gigabit hub to use for passing inet down the chain...so to speak. I DID follow the directions for setting up ICS via the command line (the only way I will set anything up), but they reference only to examples having a router or cable/dsl modem and show using 192.168.x.x. for each NIC. Obviously I do not have that for my INET NIC (eth 1), but I do need to figure out what to put in for the ICS NIC (eth 0). This is what I have in my /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 (inet NIC) EVICE=eth1 BOOTPROTO=static IPADDR=208.x.x.x NETMASK= NETWORK= BROADCAST= GATEWAY= ONBOOT=yes METRIC=10 MII_NOT_SUPPORTED=no USERCTL=no DNS1= DNS2= RESOLV_MODS=yes IPV6INIT=no IPV6TO4INIT=no For this file, the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (ICS/LAN) side NIC, I need a bit of help with what to enter DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=static IPADDR= NETMASK= NETWORK= BROADCAST= ONBOOT=yes METRIC=10 MII_NOT_SUPPORTED=yes PEERNTPD=no I have the DNS servers setup right in the resolv.conf file. The following file, network, also needs to be adjusted I am sure: NETWORKING=yes GATEWAY= HOSTNAME=localhost FORWARD_IPV4=true The other files in which you enter the forwarding scripts I have done. NO. I don't like to use DHCP, I much prefer STATIC for everything Thanks Tim DAP
  12. I was told several times that I could install the KDE RPMs from Cooker , version 3.8.x or so, along side 3.5.6, but for the life of me I cannot seem to enable some of them in the package manager...after I added all the right sources. It gives several conflicts as well. I was wondering if anyone out here has both KDE version installed along side and how they did it. Tim
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