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Which apps do you miss the most?


wine/wineX - good or bad for Linux?  

  1. 1. wine/wineX - good or bad for Linux?

    • Great for Linux!
    • Evil
    • Somewhere in between

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but you don't need an actual nes to run nes games in linux either. I don't get what you're trying to say here.


The point I was getting at was that using wine/winex meant that you didn't also have to purchase a copy of Windows if there was a program you just couldn't live without. (in theory, anyway) I just didn't explain myself very well. :P

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ut 2003 uses sdl to provide sound, so that's how i knew about it. no idea of it's 3d capabilities.


SDL does not have 3d capabilities, it has sound, network, mouse/keyboard/joystick, 2d stuff etc

you use opengl for 3d with SDL.


a sdl-opengl wrapper is in development.


Some good SDL tutorials with opengl can be found here



There is an online book on programming games with SDL and openal, i got a hard copy its a good book if you like it buy it.


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What is there to miss about expanded bloatware?

I had come to think the only genuine useful thing added to office since Word 2 and Excel 5 was the SaveAs HTML.

So much for for that.


The code is so full of MS crap that you need to use Frontpage to edit it.

For anyone interested I tried a hello world in word. Its like 200 lines long. Powerpoint exports are .. well lets not get into that .. :wink:


Perhaps some Word gurus use the automatic envelope maker but I just want a word processor.

The only genuinely useful thing I miss is the grammer checker. This is great for checking conjugation etc. in another language. I use it at work all the time for emails.


I don't have time for online games (I'm not sure if this is good or bad) but yes games are missing. That brings us back to Wine.


I run a clean house, no nasty winboxes or dual boot machines. I occaisonally use VMWARE to run Harraps French/English dictionary but thats about it. Mdk 9.0 should allow me to use BlueZ to replace starting vmware to use bluetooth :D


Over the years when I was young and impressionable I bought either directly or indirectly dozens of copies of Windows. I get a tremendous relief now to know that they are relegated to museum curiosities.


Wine has held back a decent gaming API for linux (perhaps). Its also made more linux users by allowing them to run their paid for software on Linux. Is it good? Is it bad? No, but its a bit ugly :wink:


While I'm ranting, I miss all those lovely protocols like NETBUI, at least M$ has abandoned them in favour of corrupting real protocols and misuse of the RFC mechanism.


Great Topic idea .....

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The only thing I hope for is that the office-support in openopffice.org will get better...but anyway I like to send everything in pdf...so that everyone can read it...


OpenOffice.org 1.1 (now in beta stage) will have PDF export incorporated

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