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  1. I'm not using Mandrake - mine is in /usr/share/httpd/ Perhaps locate, or slocate might help: terry@timestorm: /home/terry 18:12:21 $ locate htdocs/index.html /usr/share/httpd/htdocs/index.html
  2. There are lots of options. I'm only here for a couple of seconds though, so I thought I'd advise you that I have some earlier Mandrake versions that ran fine on a P133 with 32M RAM that I picked up at the University for a few bucks. I'd be happy to ship them to you (don't think I have the manuals, but the docs are on the disks) for a nominal fee... say some postcards of your area.
  3. You're right, it has been a while since I read the original question, and I was responding to the per-application request only. I don't see any indication that he has done an xhost +, which would be necessary for transmissions of displays.
  4. Granted, his preferred way is to redirect, but he did ask if there was a way to change the display on a per-application basis. It might not be redirection (which might be possible, for all I know), but it wouldn't take more than a second to exit Gaim, and then restart it with gaim -display x.x.x.x:0, if he's not at display y.y.y.y:0 anyway.
  5. AFAIK = "As Far As I Know" A large percentage of programs will allow you to use -display Here is an example, without using -display: terry@timestorm: /home/terry 13:25:42 $ at now +1 min warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh at> xmessage "Testing" at> <EOT> job 28 at 2003-07-17 13:26 Gives me this error email: From: terry@timestorm.ross.com To: terry@timestorm.ross.com Subject: Output from your job 28 Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:26:22 -0700 (PDT) Error: Can't open display: ---------------- Adding -display :0 13:26:23 $ at now +1 min warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh at> xmessage "Testing" -display :0 at> <EOT> job 29 at 2003-07-17 13:28 gives me:
  6. Yes, install it afterwards. There will be a Star Office Setup menu entry No. Nothing will go wrong with the installation - however, you will not have the database capabilities of Star Office until you (at a later time) install Adabas. Note that I haven't used Star Office or Open Office for years, but that's the way it used to be. You're welcome (speaking just for myself, although I'm sure the others agree)
  7. qnr

    Cannot login

    That's a good point, for the original problem.
  8. qnr

    Cannot login

    Just a thought, you might want to try the SysRq sequence. This might force the drives to be cleanly unmounted, which means that after the reboot, you won't face the forced filesystem check. You can find info on SysRq all over the board, but basically, it's: <Alt>+<SysRq> (Possibly "Print Screen" on your keyboard) +R - Raw keyboard input +S - Sync discs +E - tErminate processes +I - kIll processes +U - Unmount disks & remount read only +B - reBoot Other than that, fire up a rescue disk and run the check manually without the autofix.
  9. Yes it is. My real point, until I was distracted locally, was that you shouldn't be afraid to give it a try, especially if you've ever played around in a chrooted environment - it's not that difficult, and it's not going to mess up your current distro.
  10. I tried it about 18 months ago. It was interesting. When you think about it though, whenever you go into a chrooted environment, you're pretty much doing the same thing, with the exception of the fact that you're not running a different kernel.
  11. Just acknowledge it and continue. The database has some licensing issues and has to be installed seperately, if I remember correctly. The dialog is just advising you that the initial installation won't have it.
  12. As far as the card goes, you want the r128.o You want to take a look at http://dri.sf.net http://gatos.sf.net Don't know if either gatos or DRI is in portage, or whatever it's called.
  13. Perhaps it installed it to directory that is not in your path. su to root (and assuming you are still unable to run it, even as root), run a case insensitive search for it: # find / -iname gocr
  14. I don't really use instant messaging, but as far as I know, the recent versions of Gaim support file transfers. Or is it limited in the number of protocols it supports the file transfers in?
  15. http://www.exim.org/exim-html-3.30/doc/htm...filter_toc.html This if for the .forward file, to be used on a user by user basis. It provides useful information though, and a starting point (link) for getting to the system-wide filtering. Doesn't so much blacklist it as divert it from your regular mailbox
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