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I think there's a later one. 2.6.17-5 was the default in 2007.0 but you can upgrade to something like 2.6.17-12 or even higher from memory. Easy way to check what kernels are available for install:


urpmf --name kernel | grep 2.6.17


and see what ones are the latest in the list. You can ignore the source by modifying the line, so you only see kernels:


urpmf --name kernel | grep -v source | grep 2.6.17


so you'll only see kernels listed, and then you can worry about kernel sources later.

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Oh, in Mandriva 2007.1 you only need to install the "kernel-latest" package and your system will automatically upgrade to the newest kernel if you have some software mirrors set up. No recompiling an kernel-source downloading necessary (unless you want to recompile the kernel)


But if you're using a dkms-* package (e.g. for proprietary video drivers) you must also install the corresponding kernel-source-stripped package, so that dkms can rebuild the required module(s) when re-booting into the new kernel. In order to make this automatic you need to install the kernel-source-stripped-latest package.



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I think im going to just leave it alone, i already installed this os 2 times tonight :( its working ok now, have not tried the usb drive. But my dual monitors is up and all hardware :)



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