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open letter: from a consumer to the distributions


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It seems to me this guy didn't look around at all in the Linux world.

First of all Linux users are tend to voice their opinions with or without polls. And every developer knows that users want everything.

Applications: writing a game is not easy not even an 2D MMORPG. And still there are a lot of games for Linux.

Security: well anyone can get updates for his distro for free. Firewalls, proxy etc are in the distros for free. If someone asks for help in the forum or mailing litsts etc he'll get it. What else do this guy needs?

Something to be proud of: obviously he's the only one person left who haven't heard about compiz\Beryl or Metisse and probably other 3D window managers. AFAIK Beryl even runs on FreeBSD.

I guess it's a good idea not post links to "open letters".

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Well, what I see is an individual so trapped in the Microsoft business model that he cannot be free. He wants things handed to him, and acts as if that is what Microsoft has been doing. Microsoft develops something and then makes people think they need it, all the while not working on a secure system. Oh, I'm wrong. Microsoft security is worked on. It means that I can't use their software unless they think I should be using it at that moment on that computer. Yikes.


All the distros he looks at are pay distros. I have nothing against paying. But that is not the model for linux. We are not an "either or" type of thing. It is really "ms way or Linux way". I have reservations about his Linux experience.


I will say this: that the marketing toward home users should improve. But Linux has limited marketing already.

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A lot of talk, but not so much substance under it. It just seems like he wants more marketing... as the major user friendly distros provide what he wants.


-> Ubuntu.

-> SuSE.

-> Mandriva.

-> Fedora.


1) Applications

All of the above have huge repositories of packages, and all have DVD releases available with huge amounts of applications.


2) Security

Um. Mostly secure out of the box with no/little need for end user interaction. It seems he just wants a fancy clicky GUI that pops up and irritates you with messages like 'Your virus scanner is not running. You are insecure!' or 'You have a firewall'. Developers have better things to work on.


3) Something to be proud of

If the above two really matter to users, then the above two points are a starting for something to be proud of. As well as that, the cost - free, the quality, and the huge choice available. Beryl is a nifty toy to show off too ;)



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