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logging in as su


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Try boot into singel user mode (runlevel 1) by pressing esc at the bootmenu and insert the name of the bootoption followed by a space and 1.

Maybe you can solve your problem from there...

Also try typing your password as login name.. just check you have the right keymap loaded!

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when i type it in i get S4 because i cant get the lock off

What on earth does that mean? How can you get S4 when you try to type in su? Are you talking about caps lock or num lock? :unsure:

Think his numlock is on, on my laptop the numpad '4' is the same key as 'u'. 'o' is the same as '6' so he want be able to login as root eighter, whitout going into runlevel 1...



try copy'n'paste an 'u' after the 's' (if you are in X).

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