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how do I install openssh-server?


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[root@localhost ~]# urpmi ssh-server

The following packages can't be installed because they depend on packages

that are older than the installed ones:


Continue installation anyway? (E/h) e

her?ey zaten kurulu

The following package names were assumed: openssh-server

[root@localhost ~]#



(her?ey zaten kurulu = Allthings have already installed.)


so it didnt install.

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OK, but I also said before to remove the installed version:


urpme openssh-server-4.2.p1-1mdk


since you've not done that from my previous post. Then try and install it again after that, using the above command I gave you again.

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I think it's the recent OpenSSH security update; it seems to have removed the ssh server and not replaced it. I haven't had a chance to examine it thoroughly but the ssh server is definitely gone on mdv 2006 and 2007 after that update.


Edit: Mandriva really screwed up on this one. The updated version is openssh 4.5 which replaces v4.3. Thers is no ssh server with the 4.5 package, i.e. no openssh-server 4.5. There is an openssh-server 4.3 which will not install because it is incompatible with openssh 4.5. If you try to unistall openssh 4.5 it wants to take half of kde with it. This is on mdv2007.

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This appears to be a bug in the mandrake control center(mcc), at least in mdv2007 if not mdv2006 as well. Even after updating all repos, you will not find openssh-sever 4.5 listed in the Software Management section of mcc; it's simply not there anywhere. Only the older openssh-server 4.3 is listed. As a result, there is no way to install openssh-server 4.5 from within mcc.

However if you go:


# urpmi openssh-server


openssh-server 4.5 is downloaded and installed from the update repo. Apparently, the software database is not being properly updated from within mcc.

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It's a bug with the new interface for mcc installing packages - it affects all packages not just ssh-server.


From the command line it works perfectly fine. If you want gui, you can use smart, or do:


urpmi old_rpmdrake


to get the old mcc apps for installing packages.

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Guest marcnz

Thanks for this very good help. I bought the mandriva 2010.1 spring $59 and unlike the free version, ssh could not be found! I added repositories from easyurpmi, with pfl as no openssh were to be found on the normal media.

I found thanks to your post that the actual package is called ssh-server!

I did install some mandriva version of openssh but not to work. I urpme all of the one installed with their dependencies and started again with your indications.

I had the exact same problem with the sshd not found etc...

All works fine now :)

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