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Workstation show off


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I guess you don't really want to see my home workstation. It looks like a real mess. Cables, tons of books, paper, several phones and many pencils spread across the tables and somewhere in between is my keyboard, somewhere under the desks are the computers (okay, the laptops are on the desks). :lol:


I see.. Mandriva is installing on your machine. :)

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I expected AIs workstation to reside in a dark and rotten room somewhere underground with evil monster-models next to it and some gothic posters pasted on black walls... Now I have to change my world-view. :lol:


jlc, wait till you see my room. :lol2:

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Arctic the picture is around 2 years old when I moved in. so alot of have changed ;)

But you might notice the silver skull above the model ship.

If you checked my books it won't change your world-view :D






Is that a telescope I see? And a model of a ship?

Aye B)

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Okay, here is my current Chaos. The result of one week without cleaning things up ... more or less. At least I removed the glasses plus the bottles of beer and water that were somewhere in between. :D


I think I need to describe this a bit: This is a part of my home-office. On the desk, there is on the far right side a laptop, on the far left of the big table, too (with books on it due to lack of space). On the lower left side is my old G3 Mac. Its 17" monitor (that ugly cream colored Samtron) is currently attached to my main computer as my 17" flatscreen died last week. I don't know yet if I will buy a 17 or 19" replacement. Under the table (invisible), there is my old-school 350 MHz Pentium, connected with a kvm switch to the main box and acting as a backup server for the lappy on the right and my main box. On the left side of the Mac, there is a fax, dozens of CDs and other weird tech-trash. On the right side of the big table, there are several printers, on the floor different books and folders, on the wall right behind the table there is a part of my library. And on the desk... well, you see... books, paper, pencils, phones, CDs and other trash. And, perhaps of interest: The drawers are also filled with crap like dozens or old CD images and other useless things


I definitely need to clean up that shit some day....

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