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Login Theme [solved]


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I think all you should need to do is install bootsplash-themes, either using System/Configuration/Packaging/Install Software, or from command line using:


urpmi bootsplash-themes


then after this, go into System/Configuration/Configure Your Computer/Boot and then choose the option for setting the theme whilst booting. You will then have a nice list of themes to choose from.


Alternatively, Configure Your Computer can be obtained from the CLI typing:




and it will launch the same window as if you clicked System/Configuration/Configure Your Computer.

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Sorry I'm using PCLinuxOS which is a Mandriva spin-off and I assumed the menu is the same. Anyway if you can't find the KDE Control Center in the menu then start Konsole or any other terminal and type


In the KDE cc look in the System section and start KDM theme manager.

P.S. I'm using KDE 3.5.2 and I hope there is a KDM theme manager in 3.4 too but nothing is certain. If not there still should be a utility in kcontrol which helps to setup KDM.

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Hi dexter



I followed the code. kcontrol


I have system & administration ---> login manager


I changed to administration mode changed GUI style. But it didnt change anything with login theme. Its still the same which says Mandriva Free in the background. I really didnt like the background.




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Damn I forgot about it. Anyway I have the solution thanks to AussieJohn:

The problem is that for some stupid reason Mandriva has made a default of kdm using a theme when none has been installed or selected.


You have to go into /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc as root. In kdmrc (opened with kwrite) scroll down and look for a line which reads .....UseTheme=true........and change it to......UseTheme=false.

This problem comes up repeatedly so perhaps the solution should go into tips.


Cheers. John.



It's already in Tips&Tricks : https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=29240

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