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  1. I reinstalled the bootloader with fedora rescue cd and rebooted it. Everything works fine now with the exception that i cant see my mandriva 2006 option on my page. any work arounds for that...... Thanks !!!!
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your replies.... I tried the first option...like mandriva first CD1 and rescue mode and and press F1 but i didnt c much options over there. can u guyz be more specific....I'm sorry i'm newbie......... Thanks
  3. Hi All, I'm a linux newbie...I have mandriva 2006 installed on my dell 600m laptop along with WinXp (Dual boot).Everything was working fine my wireless.....everything. I wanted to try another Linux distribution( FC5). so i created partition for that and installed it selecting all the default options.... Now i have a problem my system is not showing any of the OS that i have installed. When i try to reboot it just shows as "GNU GRUB version 0.97" grub> I'm completely confused about it....... I really dont like the idea of re-installing everything. I would take that as my last option. Is it possile to restore my system back to what i had. I mean to say just the Mandriva and Winxp if possible have FC5 too.... Thanks!!!!!
  4. Hi All, I have Mandriva 2006 installed on Dell 600m Laptop. I didnt default messengers that comes along with Mandriva (Gaim & Kopote). So i tried to install this aMSN messenger from from sourceforge. This is what i did when i was installing... urpmi aMSN from root. So now i have 2 issues with it. 1. It didnt create any link or icon on my desktop or in my kmenu. I had to rum it from command to bring it up. Well this happens with firefox too.......... 2. So Now its up, when tried to login into my account its giving me this error Error installing TLS module. I have attached screenshot of it. If anybody didnt understand what i'm trying to say................ Thanks Marc
  5. thanks ffi Thanks that solved the desktop icon thing
  6. Hi All, I'm linux newbie using mandriva 2006 free on dell 600m laptop. I have ATI Moblity Radeon 9000 video card. I was wondering if there is a way connecting my laptop to TV using the s-video cable in Mandriva 2006. Which i often do in windows xp. Thanks in advance Marc Linux Newbie [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. wow!!!!!!!! that worked out. I did a rm on 2font files and 1 dir in my home and did a rm on .kde and bingo there u go got the default settings. I have one more question how do u change the desktop icon in Mandriva 2006. I have gone through the tips and tricks section but i found it for Kmenu icon and not for desktop icon. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies I renamed the .kde and did a startx. It actually changed everything except my font. My font is still the same i did the anti-alising and did a reboot and every possible combination.And also checked the fonts in control center. But it didnt change my font. Well, i can use the other account but i need to copy my files into that.................. Thanks
  9. marcrob


    This is what i did I got the Kwifimanager installed to check the networks in my range bcos it was hard for me to use the defulat network manager or whatever...... Then i googled on network encrytion. Realised that i had problem with my network key and Bingo........................got it worked. Thanks Marc
  10. I have created a new test account..........settings are perfect. No trouble with the new account. Now, How do i delete these current settings in my account. And get back the default settings.... Is it just deleting everthing under [marc@localhost .kde]$......(rm -rf under .kde) Bcos it has few dirs and symlinks under it and i'm not sure if i have to delete those too.... I'm a noob.... Thanks, Marc
  11. Hi tyme It was turned on. I doubled checked it and its turned on. But still the same. I have attached my font settings here. Any advice to make it look good will be really appreciated. I really dont want to install it again. I just got my WiFi up and having fun. Thanks Marc
  12. marcrob


    Finally got it worked !!!!!!!! But It's slow. Well i can live with it. Any help to help to boost the speed will be really appreciated. Thanks!!!
  13. Hi All, I tried the given code (fs-cache -v). But it actually didnt help me. My fonts are stiil the same. I have attached a snapshot of how it looks. Thanks, Marc
  14. Hi ffi, Thanks for the reply I tried it. And here is the output from it. I tried it as root....... [root@localhost ~]# fs-cache -r -v -bash: fs-cache: command not found that didnt work......... Thanks Marc
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