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widgets, do you use 'em? how to?


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Which Widgets and in what context do you need to know about them..


There are Qt Widgets


and if you do some programing or scripting you can use widgets in that context too.


Check out the KDMScripts and the Dynamic Dialog Editor if you are just after making small scripts..


You can edit these files also with a text editor if you know what you are doing..

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things that go on your desktop...like superkaramba and gdesklets.

I'm not a native English speaker but I learned that widget = window object. So when I write widget I mean buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes etc.

I thought the guy wanted to write a program.

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widgets are used in that term more often in the computer industry. "widget" in this sense was started by apple with their "dashboard" program - and is now used by yahoo for their windows version, yahoo! widgets, previously known as konfabulator (before yahoo bought them).

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