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I`m looking for a good firewall?


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Before I use MD 8.1,I use Win 98 SE,Win 2000 with ZoneAlram is ther a similar for MD 9.0 :?: .

I use win for two years and never get cracked in my computer,still I have luck. :D


Please help me,thanks for your cooperation

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Zonealarm is a newbie firewall. I say that meaning it is designed for people who know nothing about firewalls. They want to start it and forget about it. On the other hand, its a good firewall.


In the linux world, its usually more complicated than that. You can check out portsentry, firestarter, guarddog. These are also install and forget but may not be as secure unless you get into how to configure them. I'm stating this in a general fashion more than from personal experience.


You can also install webmin and use it to configure existing firewalls. Webmin is a web based method of managing your linux installation. If a module for that filewall has been designed to work with webmin, then it will allow you to configure it.

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You got a point, in my point I have nothing to hide ,but I like have firewall is secure like if you try to break 5 meters of steel,you know today is everything possible,if you have a firewall that change every 60 sec. password those people try to crack the computer have no chance to crack it for sure.

Of course my firewall is 100% secure with no holes,but anyway I let you know when my system is



How is that!!

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Guest defunct

hmm.. you can use bastille which comes with mandrake, or just tinyfirewall which also does. Set your security settings on medium if you want it basically regularly secure.. set it on high and even if the ssh port is open and allowing connections for some reason it wont but high is secure and lets yous till function.. Also you could run portsentry and its great, it actually denys icmp and tcp packets requesting thigns like an nmap etc. (if you set it up correctly).. iptables work well.

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Guest Cyclops

FireStarter is very good, but I decided to take another look at GuardDog, and it looks very good so far. I'm now 'stealth' in Mandrake 9.0, where Mandrake's default firewall, Shorewall, was only giving me 'closed' ports. I looked at GuardDog once before when I ran a previous version of Mandrake, but it didn't appeal to me much then.


After installing the RPM, I was presented with a good looking GUI that's easy to navigate, and good handbook that's not too difficult to understand. After configuring a few quick settings in the Protocols section, I was up and running in stealth mode. It appears to be very configurable should I ever need to setup an advanced firewall, too.


RPMs for Mandrake 9.0 and Redhat 8.0, as well as the tarball, can be found here:



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Another one to consider is FWBuilder.


I know FWBuilder that one is good one if you know how to use it,but I don`t know very well.

But FWBuilder is a very good tool. :D :D

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I tried guarddog now and am very sattisfied.


It works with networkzones, which are normally per interface (eth0 or ppp0 or local).


You can define all protocols per zone in a second tab.


What i like most i, that it is made for firewalling-DAUs like me ;)

The protocol chooser is not with portnumbers, but with categorized applications that use it.


That is a very easy way to define the wall, if you are not familiar with all the differnet portnumbers that are used by different apps.


In the moment, i am trying out the last tab, a type of "experts" tab, to finetune everything.


Because it is made for KDE, it has got all the typical kde-wm features, like internationalization and the familiar buttons and help.


They've got a LM9 rpm on their site.

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