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Sudden persistent kernel panics [kind of resolved]

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I'm just compiling a new kernel against mine now. I'm used to mdk kernels, such as 2.6.12-14mdk which is my current one.


I'm just compiling one I've downloaded from kernel.org, which is kernel- but of course this won't be a true mdk kernel as usually downloadable from urpmi.


This picked up the 2.6.12-14 .config file automatically, so I've not bothered to change any other options within the kernel when I issued "make menuconfig".


It's currently on "make && make modules_install" so far, which will probably take about 30 minutes perhaps. Maybe worth trying this if you've not already done it, in case the existing mandy kernels have a problem with SMP on your particular setup.

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I'm sure to make another go at kernel compile ... I was wondering, if there was more to it than compile - install - mkinitrd - copy bzImage and System.map .


I noticed that /boot containes config files of stock kernels as well, and if I copy mine config-2-6-15urlm there, they disappear. Also System.map of my custom version disappeared. Is this normal? (i though that was the reason for system hangigng).

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There are some symlinks to update as well, which I've noticed, and there is another one called kernel.h which refers to kernel headers, but I didn't know what I needed to do to point to this, since I'd done the generation of the kernel, copied the System.map and .config, and did the initrd, so was not sure about how to generate this.


Otherwise, I was read to boot with a successful kernel!

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Progress report of sudden persisten kernel panics (SPKP), for the record:


Yesterday I had the nerve to add Thac's repo's and update (as I remember to have had much less kded crashes with mde packages, or at least it seemed so). So, as a result I got a familiar hosing some time after :wall:

Feb  1 07:49:41 kokoc kernel: [__nosave_end+129662976/2132242432] (nv_interrupt+0x0/0xe0 [sata_nv])
Feb  1 07:49:41 kokoc kernel: [<ffffffff88031000>] (nv_interrupt+0x0/0xe0 [sata_nv])
Feb  1 07:49:41 kokoc kernel: [__nosave_end+136018336/2132242432] (nv_nic_irq+0x0/0x4f0 [forcedeth])
Feb  1 07:49:41 kokoc kernel: [<ffffffff886409a0>] (nv_nic_irq+0x0/0x4f0 [forcedeth])
Feb  1 07:49:46 kokoc kernel: irq event 217: bogus return value 2f43e39
Feb  1 07:49:46 kokoc kernel: handlers:


I checked what I had installed.

I found that among other installed packages there was an ATI dkms (which compiles itself into kernel). I have an nvidia chip, but this one must've gotten into my OS via some dependencies. I de-installed it, and so far my PC behaves (has been doing 80% CPU time on a dual core, hugh), though I am not sure whether one can indeed remove smth from the kernel... ?


This could be a coincidence, though, because just the same as the first time, SPKP happened only some time after the update,


Another thing that can bork the kernel is ivtv. Persistent kernel panics, I think, can be reproduced by the following: mix up filenames for the firmware loaded by ivtv (I got lost somewhere in the path original_gibberish_name->name_for_version_0.4.0 -> name_for_last_version). Finally, one more use of ivtv for inducing kernel panics is to replace some of the kernel's own *.ko modules (like tveeprom.ko, tuner.co etc) with those created by ivtv compilation. This is less severe, at least It did not require full cycle of install smth else - reinstall Mandriva from scratch.


It looks like at one moment I had done the two bad things: updated ivtv driver (and copied its *.ko files to /lib/modules/blah ) and installed some dkms * rpm packages.


Though this doesn't explain why kernel panics persisted over install with formatting ...

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