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Faster boot time


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I might be missing it, but I'm not sure how he explains to get them to load in parallel the services.


Don't worry Ian, I missed it too!


Does it really matter how long an OS takes to boot if it is wihin say......2mins (arbitrary, yup), what matters is performance once the OS has fully booted. But then again, if it floats your boat, then feel free to experiment, each to their own ;).

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Yes it does, not everyone leaves their computer on forever. I've got mine in my room and during the day (when I'm at work) or at night (when I sleep) it's off. Sometimes when I'm away, ...


I think I boot up about 15 times a week on average. 2 minutes is like... forever!


P.S. What's with the SCO stuff in your sig?? :angry:

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