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cell phone with linux? LG 8380


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Gnome has a program for this. I can't remember what it's called but it's in the sources if you set them up. Just go to software install in MCC and type gnome in the search bar.


Just looked it up, it's called "gnome-phone-manager"

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My googling experience about this is that you have better chance to push files into your fhone using bluetooth. Though there is sure the cable, in my case it only gives acces to the sd-card as a storage device. With bluetooth you can push objects, files, addresses, calendars to and from the phone.


Aside from kandy there are also multisync and multisynk programs to sync contacts/agenda, but it would not work on my phone, so I can't tell whether it can transfer files too.

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Guest Shadowduck

Good point uraimasha - I use kdebluetooth for phone <-> pc file transfer myself but was assuming (perhaps erroneously) that Alex wanted sync function as well.

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hey alexxio i guess, this link might help you get connected your pc to gprs internet through your phone. it worked out for me infact. but before that do install bluez-utils, in case if its not installed already. bluez is a very advanced tool under gpl, for using bluetooth, which can be used for gnome and kde both.




and ya, dont forget to gimme feedback. i will very interested in knowing.

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