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Before you post problems that you encounter with your distro-of-choice, please take a look at the corresponding documentation of the distro. The doc-books, guides and FAQs can usually answers the most common questions that arise. Below, you will find a sample collection of quick-links to the documentation and FAQ's of the most widely used distributions.



Unofficial Fedora FAQ

Official Fedora Documentation


Official SUSE FAQ



Official Gentoo Documentation


Slackware Book Project


Debian FAQ

Debian Administration

Debian Reference


Unofficial Ubuntu Guide


MEPIS Documentation


Arch Linux Wiki


Vectorlinux Documentation


PCLinuxOS Wiki


The Linux Documentation Project offers more detailed information on Linux systems. It has FAQs, guides and HOWTOs. Most of the things explained there are valid for all distros. However some aspects might be different in distros that use a non-UNIX based system-architecture (like SUSE).


links updated: 10/06/2008

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Fedora :)

Sorry if this is off-topic, but can I ask cybrjackle/jlc why the picture in the sig pops up a security notice?

There's an image in your sig called http://www.ichthux.com/files/buttons/jesus.png and when Firefox tries to load this thread, it gives a warning: "Unable to verify the identity of Raphael Pinson as a trusted site". Which is weird because it's only http so as far as I understand shouldn't be trying to verify identities and certificates anyway. Any idea why this is?

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