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Which programs do you use daily?


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Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, OO Writer, Gimp, Kaffeine, KAlarm (to remind me to watch TV programs in case I get carried away with what I'm doing!), FooBilliard + Frozen Bubble (when I'm relaxing).


Oh, and urpmi or the GUI for updating, installing software, etc for the test system I crash regularly for my learning process!!!

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Well absolutely every single day?

Not just on Tuesday or once or twice a week?


It's a short list for everyday.


Gnome My usual desktop.


Gnome Terminal


Evolution check my personal e-mail everyday

Firefox - The web is a lot of my job.


XMMS - Entertainment while I work.


man - if that can be called a program. :help:


Any text editor.

It's Vim at the moment as the fact I use it seems to annoy colleagues. To be truthful I'm perverse enough to enjoy arguing with them about it's obvious superiority. In truth I'm a bad person. :devil: I'm not actually fussy when it comes to text editors.


Very frequently more than twice a week say:



I'll have a number of images to manage and / or edit every week.



There's almost always documentation of some sort to produce. LyX makes a really nice job of it, with minimum effort on my part.


Nearly everything else is done in Windows for Company wide compatibility.

I can probably get my Lotus Notes to run under wine if I put in the effort as well.

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KDE 3.4 is the desktop, so all it's tools










VMware5 if I need WinXP for the job

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Most programs I use have been mentioned, some haven't:

cadence icfb



sandworks waveviewer


and my guess is no one knows those programs. Ah well, they are what puts bread on my table, and no, I couldn't afford a license for any of these, luckily my company pays for it. (You think MS licenses are expensive? Some programs I use have yearly license fees over 100.000 USD...)


Linux is now mission critical where I work, running on Opteron servers.

Who'd have though that of Linux and AMD 5 years ago?


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