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Which programs do you use daily?


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I would know which programs do you use daily (well ... under Linux plz :cheesy:)?


Here's my list:


- BlackBox (My favorite WM)

- Firefox (I used Galeon for a long time but I have to recognise that the extensions sytem is great)

- Thunderbid (Evolution is great but with thunderbird I can access my mails under windowb if I want)

- AmaroK (But I use more and more XMMS < memory usage < cpu usage)

- Konsole (My every day usage terminal)

- Gkrellm + Torsmo (for monitoring)

- OpenOffice (My office suite)

- Kate & Kwrite (as text editor)

- Konqueror (I think you know ...)

- Kaffeine (for DVD) and MPlayer (for all other video formats)

- Too much pictures viewers (GQview, gThumb, Showimg, Kuikshow, KView, ...)

- K3B (DVD burner)

- DVDShrink (under Wine)

- WebDownloader for X

- gFTP

- Skype & Gaim (with friends when necessary, I don't like to chat, I prefer to have a drink with them ;))

- KCalc

- Chromium & LBreakOut2 (when I have some time to kill ;))


And you? I'm curious!

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I would know which programs do you use daily (well ... under Linux plz  :cheesy:)?


Firefox, Thunderbird, XMMS, KWrite, Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2 (I do mobile Java development for a living, and work from home often), Ant and various other Java tools, the Gimp (well, not every day, but often enough!), SSH, K3b.


Edit: Oh, forgot Konqueror for file management, FileZilla for file transfer, whetever the default console is under KDE for the shell.


(OT: I note that Firefox isn't in the PHP spellchecking dictionary. Shame!)

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1. KDE (overall usability and stability) at home and fluxbox (lite!) on my laptop

2. Firefox

3. Thunderbird

4. Gaim

5. Konsole (what a wonderful console app)

6. Emacs and/or Kate

7. MATLAB (unfortunately, wonderful ideas just painfully slow)

8. GKrellm

9. GIMP (lately)

10. XMMS

11. TeTeX compiler (Math grad school)

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I haven't booted into windows for more than a year :)

So, daily I use (with no real order):


Firefox; Thunderbird; XMMS; wget (I like it!)

Nicotine (a Soulseek client);

Gaim; K3B; Kwrite (write my creative writings there);

gFTP; Open Office Writer (2.0 rc); MPlayer; MCC; Konqueror; Konsole and Kweather

edit: forgot Kview (for single images) or GQviewer (for image dirs) (2 favourite pic viewers)

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In no particular order...


Fluxbox, aterm, Midnight Commander, mutt, slrn, vim (w/mutt & slrn, etc) xmms, Xplanet, Links/Firefox, Win4LinPro (w/Win2k) Danpei, xsane, xcalc. A lot of other stuff, but that's most of the software I use several times a week.

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- Mdk10.0 CE

- GDM + Gnome + IceWM

- Apache2 + PHP

- Kate

- Firefox

- Thunderbird

- Gimp

- sshd



- Mdk9.1

- Matchbox

- ssh / X or XDMCP



- Mdk10.0 CE

- Matchbox

- Xine


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