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MDA 2005 and Easy-Urpmi update

Guest anon

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bloody *$#§%#!!!! i "did" an upgrade using the 2005 mirrors and it killed urpmi as well as other packages using the esslingen server... doh... needed to reinstall the whole system. it was messed up like hell. could it be that some servers do not have all packages that are needed? i got a nearly 35 lines of packages that could not be found (and these were standard x and gnome packages!). any clues?

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Bad luck eh? :wall:

If you used our own easy-urpmi, all i can tell you is that at the time of the mirror update, all the servers listed were live and had all the files there supposed to, if they don't they get removed from the list.

However, the available servers and there files are only accurate at the time i do the mirror update, so if the servers go down or get screwed up ten minutes later.........its not my fault. ;)

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2005 is a symlink to 10.2 in both places. i.e., /official/10.2 and /official/2005 are the same place. /devel/10.2 and /devel/2005 are also the same as each other.

Yes thats right, will be adding PLF soon, just got an e-mail from them :

I just forked the 10.2 tree from cooker. As all rpm are hard link, no extra

space is need (except for rpms index) if you're using rsync with options -H.

Symlink community has been changed to point 10.2, a symlink '2005' has been

had to point 10.2 as mandriva does.

BTW, i have tried out adding 2005 main and contrib via easy urpmi and can not find any errors, for me it works ok, but have only tried UK mirrors atm.

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