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MDL 2005 LE available to club members!


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for non-Club members, it should propagate out to the FTP mirrors by the end of today and you can do a network install, otherwise wait a few weeks for the public ISO release. Or buy a copy on the Store, of course. :)


I bought the Mandrake PowerPack 10.1 DVD version via FTP download.


What are the possibilities for me to upgrade to the new 10.2 PowerPack version?


Must I completely reinstall on just upgrade?


Can I set my urpmi settings up to date and that will rocks?


Thank you a lot for your help,



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standard level:

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition-Download-DVD.i586.torrent

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition-Download.i586.torrent

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition.x86_64.torrent

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition-Extra-Drivers.i586.torrent

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition-Club-Mini.i586.torrent

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition-Club-CD1-CD4.i586.torrent

# Mandriva-Linux-2005-Limited-Edition-Mini.i586.torrent

# Mandrakelinux-10.1-Official-Download.torrent

hope that helps


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