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Will you be installing 10.2/ Limited Edition2k5?


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Gowator, let me get this.. Mandrakesoft actually made an XBOX version of Mandrake Linux? I thought the XBOX linux is actually a hacked version of something else. If Mandrake actually does make an official version with XBOX support, don't you think Microsoft would cry bloody murder?


Adam, I think you are teasing us with that "tomorrow" remark. That way, if it is released months late.. you only have to say, "Well I did say tomorrow, I never said any specific date." :jester:

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linux_learner: not playing MP3s is a new development in 9.3; it wasn't the case in 9.2 AFAIK. It's been confirmed in two separate reviews of 9.3, which is why I felt confident saying it. I guess it's come down from Novell legal department.




just read the rest of the thread - sorry if I reported things a little too harshly, but I can't access 9.3 myself and I read two reviews of 9.3 and quite a lot of discussion on them and didn't see any reference to a semi-official solution or a less drastic one than replacing several KDE packages. If you tell me both of these are available I'm happy to believe you :). I'd say it still counts as tinkering, though probably only on the same level as installing libdvdcss from PLF. sorry again!

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dragon: it's out on Club now. :)


There's nothing illegal about Linux on the Xbox at all, we could go sell it in Fry's and Microsoft couldn't do a damn thing. A modchip which allows piracy is illegal, but you don't need one of those to run Linux on Xbox (on most models of Xbox you don't need _any_ modchip, on very recent ones you can get a modchip which does not allow you to play any pirated games and there's no way Microsoft could challenge that in court).

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iphitus: Reiser4 is in the multimedia kernel and the userland tools are in contrib. Haven't tested it myself and of course you couldn't use it during install. The Club / paid-for versions include most firmwares; free download version doesn't. DKMS is a dynamic kernel module recompilation system written by Dell. Basically, if you install a kernel module via DKMS and have the DKMS service active, when the system boots DKMS detects that the kernel has changed and rebuilds the module against the new kernel during bootup so that it's all there and ready to use without you ever intervening. Most of the modules we provide outside the actual kernel RPM are now built with DKMS so you don't have to go upgrading them all separately when a new kernel is put out, or whatever. It's a great system. Automounting is done via gnome-volume-manager (on top of dbus/hal, obviously) - yes, even in KDE, although obviously it runs KDE apps in KDE. :) It's pretty configurable if you know where to look.

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gowator: I appreciate that's how you feel but, honestly, I really don't know what we can do about it, at least until the time_machine package is done ;). You feel that what we're doing now is too late and what we did in the past was bad; we can't change what we did in the past so I guess you're always going to feel that way. :(

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As for whether to install the new version (or any other version of Linux) - I don't see why it's an either / or situation.


As I have recommended since what, forever?? the only sensible thing to do since the smallest harddrive was over 20GB is to create not just one / partition but TWO, one for immediate use, one as /mnt/altroot which you can use at a later stage for (building up suspense....!!) _you guessed it_ : the next version of your Linux distribution or heck, another distribution that you want to give a go.


I've been running mdv2005le-rc2 like that on my laptop and desktop system ever since it was released, and I will do a full install on both systems to see how easy that goes, and to have enough experience for my website - most people will do a reinstallation, or better: a new installation to check this Linux thing out.



My comments as for mdv2005le (rc2) are the following:


refer also to my configuration page -- which will be way shorter; must keep elements:

urpmi config, libdvdcss installation, java/flash setup, nvidia installation.

Stuff I don't have to include anymore / must NOT keep elements:

webcam /usb-audio mic conflict - fixed. (I was actually surprised that this issue was present on SUSE 9.2 - there goes the theory that SUSE tests so much better... if this is still broken on SUSE 9.3 they're really dumb, because I sent them the link to the Mdk bugzilla discussion which should give them all necessary info to fix the issue)

webcam vga resolution driver - fixed, works out of the box. Never so happy about a closed source driver taken off the market - reverse engineering solved this one quickly, and now it's in the regular kernel - no more tainting due to this, and works out of the box!!

lirc driver issues - fixed (should have been fixed before, but anyhow)


So lots of issues have been fixed, remaining stuff is related to regular configuration related to my network.



my laptop suspend to disk doesn't work anymore

my usb wireless dongle doesn't work, Olivier Blin just sent me a response via bugzilla to try, this might still get fixed



usb harddrive with 'complicated' partition table gets all partitions mounted - before they didn't, since the perl script was too scared (some text comments inside stated that with so many (5 in this case) partitions the risk was too high to screw something up - whereas SUSE 9.2 had no issues)

my panasonic Lumix dmc-fz10 gets seen and mounted as usb-removable-storage - this is a nasty one, it's not quite standard usb-storage compliant (which I deduce from my usb-on-the-go harddisk not being able to copy any files over either)

suspend to ram now works on my laptop


I may just for the sake of it use my laptop with the old kernel, if suspend to disk still doesn't work with the final release kernel.


In any case, MDV2005limed looks like it's going to be great, at least for me (and since when should I care about anyone else...?!! :P ).



As for SUSE, yes, you should not install xine and mplayer from SUSE, but go for the packman packages. Read my review to see how SUSE 9.2 compares to MDK10.1.

Could people here please stop fudding about SUSE, especially since Novell seems to get things right again and again (gpl-ing YAST for one thing, putting a freely downloadable dvd iso image on their ftp server is another), in a way that cannot be considered sheer luck or coincidence; some people at Novell seem to really grasp Linux and FLOSS...




when I said: you should create TWO partitions to serve as root partition, I meant (of course) AT LEAST TWO. I think I have 4 on my desktop ('just 2' on my laptop). Recount: 5 on my desktop. (Why? Simple: they are on 2 harddrives, if one fails, I still have at least 2 partitions, one for work, one for testing.)

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artee: I really don't want to FUD about SUSE, from what I've read it looks like an excellent distro, and when MDK just plain doesn't work for someone, SUSE is the next thing I recommend. I just wanted someone who doesn't want to tinker with their distro to be aware of the issue.

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You know aRTree, I used to keep my harddrive split like that, but I just found that it was a waist of hdd space MOST of the time. I've been thinking about doing that again anyway, since I want to play with getoo, mostly for the learning experience, but I need a stable and ready to go daily OS. So far, for me, mandrake has very nicely filled the niche of a stable and 'ready to go' OS for daily use. It's not the most bleeding edge, or super high pro, but it's solid, and always reasonably current.


For me the only debate was whether i would install 2k5 or stay put for now.


Chances are at this point I WILL install 2k5, because It sounds like it fixes several problems I've had for a long time, and then I'll eb familiar with it when my cpu dies, which I think is comping soon, and I won't install 2k6. As much as I hate trying to predict the future, I doubt very seriously that the first release of mandrake combined with conectiva tech, on the last of the 6 month cycle, will be very good. Don't worry adam, I'm not planing on ditching mandriva, I just think I'll avoid that particular release, at least until it's been put through the paces by everyone else.

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It pretty much depends how ambitious the merge is (actually, I agree with you that if the devs try and do too much it could be a trainwreck). if it's just a few things, though - for e.g., some work on urpmi / smart - it could be fine. I'll have to see how it goes.

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Guest Adriano1

I've been updating since RC2, and it works really well. The only problems I've had are with the Nvidia driver, and it's not a problem of mandrake. As pluses compared to fedora core 3:

- mp3 and other media formats work out of the box

- gaim actually does open links in a new tab if asked to do so

- urpmi

- urpmi :)

- urpmi.update

- it's quite faster

- audio didn't give me any problems _at all_


and more I forget now.

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adamw, the SUSE fud comment wasn't exactly directly at you (though if you feel concerned, maybe you should :D :P jk) but anyway: if you mind that xine and mplayer don't work with libdvdcss, no big difference: one has to get libdvdcss anyway, might as well get the other stuff. So in any case there is work to do. Same for java, video drivers, etc. Only mp3 payback is different, for all other things wtih any popular Linux distro there is work to do...

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