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new nivida drivers are out


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well i got them to install which is good.


i see the nvidia logo, then it boots into my kde desktop, as soon as this happens i get a corupted image on the screen, image is "garbled" and no displayed corectly, then it freezes.


i change my xfree86 file back to "nv" insted of nivida and my desktop works fine again,


i would like to play games :) but im outta ideas on how to get this to work

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Release Highlights


    * Support for GeForce 6200 with TurboCache™ GPUs

    * Improved OpenGL workstation performance.

    * Added support for XRandR rotation; see Appendix W in the text README.

    * Added ExactModeTimingsDVI X config option to give explicit control over the mode timings used on Flat Panels.

    * Added Xorg dlloader support.

    * Changed driver behavior such that PAT (Page Attribute Table) is used where possible instead of MTRRs.

    * Added a workaround for an X server bug with PCI-E GeForce 6800 and GeForce 6600; a fix has been provided to XFree86 and XOrg.

    * Fixed stability problems on x86_64 PCI-E systems.

    * Fixed 2D rendering corruption on certain older GPUs.

    * Improved compatibility with Linux 2.6 kernels.

    * Fixed compatibility problems with some SWIOTLB em64t systems.

    * Fixed a bug that triggered error messages of the form: "ioctl32(doom.x86:6747): Unknown cmd fd(16) cmd(c0384642){00} arg(ffffc75c) on /dev/nvidiactl"

    * Fixed NvAGP incompatibility with recent Linux 2.6 kernels.

    * Improved interaction with the udev filesystem.

    * Improved performance of PCI cards on Linux 2.6 systems.

    * Updated documentation. Please see the text README file


They run excellent on Gentoo as well.

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