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Guest joehill

check out Waimea

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Guest joehill



i know i know, i should. i'm just soooooo lazy. half of my themes don't even have the right name in the text file. I'll do some tidying up and get on that. i really need to figure out how the stretching works, then I can copy and paste some really cool stuff.




p.s. thanks again for turning me on to these gtk themes, now that i have it figured out how to have all gtk apps get the theme at startup I just can't believe how smooth it is.

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Quit being soooo lazy! :wink: ....and do a waimea/bluecurve.style :lol:


Welcome on the gtk thing....I guess...if you're talking to me....I can't recall where I helped though :oops: :roll:


Here's the link to those great gtk themes I do remember telling you I'd find.


it was here


found it with a search for



Names of a few here are;  




Jander (like the Enlightenment theme)  




Mac (not just colors-uses the pixmap engine, and I just noticed it has a gtkrc.blue, normal, old, and round...Hmm, wonder which others have alternatives?)  




any_color_you_like (one of my favs)  




I'm downloading them again now :)

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Guest joehill

now, can I use these themes with both gtk and gtk2 apps?


with Thinice, I was able to apply it to both using gtkrc-2.0rc and .gtkrc

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Look at first post- number 2 that starts with

2. This part should come in handy for everyone,



AND....the third post that starts with

Some gtk+1.2 themes, when copied as gtk+2.0 themes, display funny looking menus with strange colors and/or arrows trying to show.


You also might want to look at the fourth post in the thread and some ideas from caslca here;


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