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Post your favorite FireFox extensions!


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Oh, and don't forget to include the version of FireFox you are using.



My vote goes to:


1. Web Developer Toolbar, by Chris Pederick: http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/#webdeveloper


It is a toolbar with all kind of neato functions for web developers


2. Foxytunes : http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/#foxytunes !


This is a plugin which displays playback buttons on your status bar, so you can control (about any) media player from it. Listen to BG music and control it while you are browsing!


FireFox version: 1.0 Preview Release

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Version 1.0PR


Adblock - an absolute must.


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I'd expand that last:


ADBLOCK - the best thing you can add for taking things away.

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why not go the extra mile and post a short description of what that extension does if it is not yet done. :)


1) Gmail Notifier - notifies me when i have new mail and clicking on it brings me to my inbox.

2) User Agent Switcher - the product we are developing uses the user-agent to decide some of its actions. beats the hell out of firing up IE. btw, im only a development support guy so i dont deal with the minute details, i just need to know why something on the application doesnt work. :)



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