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Doom 3 to be released August 5th


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there are config tweaks who boost the performance off the game,


If you unpack the pk4 files, and you delete the pk4 files then, it will boost performance, but It will take longer to load a level.


And in cfg file, you have to put something to 256 (think its cachemem or something) and it will boost too !!!


Yeah there's a heap of optimisation guides out there from all the performance sites. Could never be bothered though, the only pak file I ever unzipped was the quake3arena one, since I was involved in a mod for it.



@yoho: are you saying you can run the game smoothly at 800x600, I dont understand you exactly B)

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Excellent !


@plati : I did not say that doom3 is running smoothly at 800x600 on my computer but that doom 3 SHOULD run smoothly at this resolution on my machine...


I've bought thief3 recently and 800x600 is smooth on my machine (and it's really beautiful). (Sorry... this is not linux related)

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