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  1. Okay, I know of a few drivers that work with it actually... so I'll try that.
  2. Err.... What other drivers? I'm still new to linux. Is there somewhere I can find these, like the linuxgametome... only for printer drivers? Or would just google-it work?
  3. From Open Office, it doesn't close, but it's taking an insanely long time to process the task, I sent it to the task list five minutes ago, and have a feeling it's stalled.... the same thing happend with the CUPS test page, however it only printed when I went over the the RPM management to attempt to remove cups... oddly it began printing... perhaps I need to whip my linux into submission? ;)
  4. I'm having problems with my CUPS service, all I can get out of it is a test page... I attempted to print 6 pages of a .pdf document (though the viewer that KDE gives you), and the window crashes (I get the crashed window popup). I had the print manager running in the background, telling me that no new tasks had been added to the list. So, any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this?
  5. Drakain Zeil

    Mandrake 10.0

    I'm not sure if it's Redhat or Mandrake (or both) that has a blurb on how to install it without CDs. It might be worth looking into.
  6. I have no folder like that... The only thing I have is USB/HID and a blank folder, this camera is the only USB that I have plugged in. Meh, as long as I learned somthing new.
  7. The list of "S" folders is SCSI and SHM (sound too), so that means I don't have any SD folder. The hardware configuration tool from "configure your computer" says it knows the device is there, but cannot work it (since it doesn't have a driver).
  8. Drakain Zeil

    USB camera

    I'm having problems getting my camera to work, the maker doesn't support *nix of any flavour, only win systems. The camera can be found here: http://www.leiproducts.com/products/database/WC-10/index.php Is there any genaric way to get USB cameras to work? Or a way to get this one to work? Otherwise I'll need to run my windows partition all day (the camera is for a server, and the point of the server actually).
  9. Drakain Zeil


    This thread has helped me out alot too, thanks.
  10. I think the splash screen has the version on it, actually.
  11. I would have used google normaly, but it's too genaric of a search for me to get what I'd want. I installed Java, but I get this error when installing somthing that needs it: What I want to know is, what is the "PATH" and how do I set up an installation of java to get this working?
  12. I'm having problems with SDL, I go to download them off of the website libsdl.org, and install the RPM, however I have several problems, to make things more simple I've attached a screen shot of the error I get, and the ./configure that tells me I need SDL, and then another window showing that I do infact have SDL. I have no idea what to do, but I don't want to remove the existing SDL package, because that will cause me to lose several other programs ranging from games, to Blender3d, and even some movie creator programs.... I really do not want to install those again. So what do I do? I don't know if I have to make changes to files or or what to do, I really don't know, any help would be great, thanks.
  13. Well, after running that command, I know my drivers are working... And I'm reciving data from my card... Just look at the attachment screenshot. So, now I'm really lost at what the problem is... o.O I'm sure I set up all the correct information... I have the booklet directly infront of me and have done it several times.
  14. They can't just accept that no body likes them ;).
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