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  1. Yes they are : I have successfully set up a webcam conversation between netmeeting (running on a windows box) and gnomemeeting (running on a linux box). If your webcam is supported by linux, it's as easy as opening gnomemeeting, netmeeting and typing in the hostname of the other box in the adress bar. Gnomemeeting is able to use H323 protocol. It's an "open" communication protocol which can be used for webcam communications (contrary to msn "webcam" protocol). This may answer most of your questions : http://www.gnomemeeting.org/index.php?rub=...ndex.html#AEN21 You can chat with cool people using this protocol look at this : http://www.gnomemeeting.org/admin/screensh...g_In_A_Call.png :woops:
  2. Yep, but I find it a lot less usable than xchat
  3. Not at all ! These are three different things. There are several IM (short for instant messengers) : yahoo, msn, jabber... each one uses it's own protocol (it's a bit more complex for jabber, however). IRC is a protocol itself. Xchat is a client for this protocol, but several clients are available for this protocol : bitchx, mirc, even kopete, etc... I don't know a lot about ICQ, but it's probably the oldest IM (or the ancestor of IM). All those protocols are incompatible : you can't create a "chatroom" with people from yahoo, people from msn, people from icq, people from irc. However, some clients (like kopete) implement all these protocols, so you can chat with people on IRC, on msn, etc... but you'll see them in different windows. I guess the best for you is to get xchat and try (it's available for free under windows and linux). I think you'll get the concept very quickly. Maybe browse the web a little to help you out during your first steps on irc. I know the undernet network is also giving "courses" to newbies on IRC : see on their website www.undernet.org
  4. Good news (note that I like myself I answer to me :P) it seems kopete is supporting the same protocol than kmess : netmeeting protocol. So, finally, I think there is no reason not to use kopete rather than kmess (currently) and it seems kopete is more used, more open to plugins so, certainly a more active projet.
  5. Xchat is a irc client, this is not really the same thing than a IM client. Currently, I use both xchat and kopete. IRC is more like a big house where you have rooms and where you can meet people. IM is more designed to build a network of contacts around you which is significantly different. Moreover I wish IRC was not reserved to nerds and cyberpunks but it seems it is. There is no strong commercial firm behind IRC and most people are not aware of its existence. Sad but true.
  6. well, a little precision : kmess does not really support the "msn webcam" protocol. But supports gnomemeeting<->netmeeting invitations (see http://kmess.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=features). So you have to set up gnomemeeting and your peer need to set up netmeeting (netmeeting is generally installed by default but hidden... I can't give you more help for now because I don't have a windows machine here, at work, sorry)
  7. I use kopete, but I've seen kmess is able to do the same than kopete... but with cam support ! I tried to use kmess before I got a cam and it was working but a bit more buggy than kopete. I hope this kmess project is going to grow...
  8. Ok, sorry guys, I've solved my problem : my RPM database only needed a little rebuild (rpm --rebuilddb)
  9. Well, finally I reinstalled urpmi but it did not solve my problem. I run urpmi --auto-select to get new updates. Some updates are found, they are correctly downloaded, and I get a core dump right after the text "Preparing..." is displayed.
  10. Hi ! I ran across a problem after installing and running the latest mandrake 9.1 secure kernel (which has been updated a few days ago) : urpmi doesn't work ! This is not an obvious problem as urpmi is "core dumping" (I have a nice core file left in / and file says to me this is a core produced by urpmi). Maybe urpmi is not the only software with pb but it looks as though (apache is ok, java is ok, postfix is ok...) Is anyone running this type of kernel ? Maybe I should reinstall urpmi but how can I do this ? urpmi worked great before I decided to upgrade my kernel.
  11. Excellent ! @plati : I did not say that doom3 is running smoothly at 800x600 on my computer but that doom 3 SHOULD run smoothly at this resolution on my machine... I've bought thief3 recently and 800x600 is smooth on my machine (and it's really beautiful). (Sorry... this is not linux related)
  12. I have a similar config to yours (except AMD 2.1 Ghz) and you tell me it's only smooth in 640x480 ? You seem to have the average "gamer" machine (like me) and I don't understand why it doesn't run smoothly at least in 800x600 :o Like I said before, I've already played doom 3 in a "alpha" release. It wasn't really smooth, but I thought id would have improved their engine to make the game accessible to average gamers.
  13. yoho

    Can't run tuxracer

    In fact, tuxracer 0.x is GPL, so anyone can take the source code and make his own "tuxracer" with another name : this is what did the author of openracer. Tuxracer 1.x is now commercial and the author has removed any contribution to his project and, of course, retains rights on the name "tuxracer". Tuxracer has now evolved and is much more a professional game : you can complain to the author if tuxracer does not work on your machine (if you've puchased it), you've a nice interface, much more levels, the game is smoother... This whole process is called a "fork". Note that openracer has not released any new version since it is born...
  14. yoho

    Can't run tuxracer

    I have the same problem. However, cannon smash and egoboo is working great (also a 3D game). Tuxracer was also working great when I had mdk 9.1 (now i've 10.0) I did not try to look at the /proc/driver... thing. If I have some time, I'll try to investigate.
  15. I played myself on windows one of the levels, about 6 months ago (the game was still in dev, a friend of mine gave me this, I did not even know where he got this level !). It was very buggy and slow, but pictures were really beautiful and in every scene, there are lot of "environmental" effects (neon lights blinking, small sparks, etc...). Sometimes, you are interupted by a cinematic scene showing you another point of view of the scene (a monster dragging a body away...). Generally, it's really an oppressing atmosphere and I was so scared I turned off my speakers... :)
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