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Does Mandrake run hotter than Windows?

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From ral's links on May 7 in this thread, I got Chip Cuccio's custom rpm for gkrellm for MDK10.


I put this on my Toshiba5005-S507, there first really fancy "multimedia" computer and the first with a desktop chip. There is a big lawsuit for it because it overheats, DVD Rom give out for many people, shutsdown for them spontaneously, the recovery disks don't wrong ("Wrong Machine)etc.


I accidently wiped out WinXP trying to add SUSE 9.0 on it next to MDK9.2 last fall, so it is "Windows free in 2003" (couldn't use the recovery disks).


Anyway with gkrellm, I right-clicked and configured temperature. It is showing at 73 degrees C., which I think for this laptop isn't bad (I'll have to check the Yahoo forum called Toshiba 5005).


I now have MDK9.2 and MDK10 on this laptop. For MDK10, I had to install kernel 2.6.6 since ACPI is buggy in the kernel prior to 2.5. I need ACPI to get sound working as well as the toshutils for battery, etc. (and the toshiba extras...all built into the kernel). Then I had to re-do the NVIDIA thing (ugh!).


My meandering point is, I was able to configure gkrellm for the temperature. Now I don't have to do the command like to /proc/acpi/blah-blah at the cat temperature in a shell (or in Konqueror's terminal emulator).


Hope this helps (but I'm a non-techie who's a real "slow learner" with linux--ha-ha!).


Richard L.

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[root@localhost root]# cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature
temperature:             57 C
[root@localhost root]#

Actual temp from temp gauge on the processor is 48.8 C

Win? 35 C


sorry to bring this thread up again, but is everyone still running hot? I've done everything but compile/patch the vanilla kernel (or did I do that to? :unsure: ) or install another distro. :devil:

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searching for info on this same subject. on my wife's dell dimension 2300, when shutting down the system, there is a brief message next to portmon (i think) saying the temperature threshold was exceeeded.


never have had any issues with this computer before, whether running windows xp or ubuntu breezy/dapper. i have no need to monitor it, just would like to know if that's somewhat common on some systems or what to do about that message?


thank you

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