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Can a bootable drive be easily copied? [solved]


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Hopefully the last question associated with my motherboard upgrade. I have a 150GB IDE drive that currently holds everything for the computer, including my upgraded to current Mandriva 2010.2. I am getting a 150GB SATA drive, and would like to migrate the contents of the bootable IDE drive to this SATA drive. Is this fairly simple, or should I wait until the next time I upgrade the OS (probably a year or two)? My objective is to minimize the time that I run with the current IDE to SATA drive converter/adapter that I am using now.


If the drive migration process is easy, instructions would be helpful (or a pointer to where the info can be found).


Thanks -- Roger

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CloneZilla will be able to do it no problems in terms of data copy etc and should even sort out grub booting etc. If it doesn't boot, then the easiest option later would be to do this.


1. Install the new disk as the first disk in the system.

2. Attach the old disk as the second disk in the system.

3. Boot and install new system on the first disk.

4. Create a new home directory on the new disk.

5. Copy data later once rebooted from old disk to new disk - only data for your username in /home.

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The SATA to IDE adapter for my IDE drive is working well for the moment, and I have the SATA drive as backup. I will just reload the new system on the SATA drive when I need to transition systems (or if the adapter or IDE drive fails). Thanks for the input and suggestions. Problem solved.


Thanks again -- Roger

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