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  1. Thanks. Sounds like there is work to do..... I also read that the ASUS GeForce card will support 2 monitors, but either 2 digital or 2 analog (not 1 vga and 1 HDMI). That would indicate that the dvi monitor needs to happen first so I can see what I am doing. Regards -- Roger
  2. Hello, Running Mandriva 2010.2 and using a GeForce 210 video card (if more hardware info is required, please let me know what). Monitor is a Hyundai B90a on the vga port (recognized by system and running fine - hope to upgrade soon to dvi monitor, though). What I am looking to do is to feed the HDMI output from the GeForce (same as I am seeing on the monitor) through a wireless HDMI (Philips) to my TV. Let me say well in front that I am no expert on video, hdmi, etc. In any case, I have attached the HDMI wireless to the GeForce graphics card HDMI port, but the Mandriva system does not recognize it as a monitor, so it appears that I will not be able to use the 'configure your desktop' monitor section to make the hdmi live. How do I go about activating the HDMI output?? I am assuming that HDMI is HDMI, so configuration is not relevant - but of course that could be way wrong too. Hopefully this is dead simple, and someone out there with some hands on can provide guidance..... I'm guessing that I will have to go in and manually edit a file or two. Regards -- Roger
  3. Thank you very much!! Regards -- Roger
  4. Hello, I am running Mandriva 2010.2 on my asus p5k based system. I am trying to view streaming media (sports) and after about 15 minutes the screen goes blank - rest of system is still running (can hear the sound still). A little mouse movement brings the screen back. I have disabled the screen saver (system settings / desktop) which apparently does not help with the blanking issue. Is this with the P5K powersaving or with Linux? Fix please .... Thanks -- Roger
  5. OK, changed back to noauto. Thanks for the warning. Regards -- Roger
  6. I have uncommented the entry in the fstab file. I changed noauto to auto to see if I could get the drive to automatically mount. Both CDs and DVDs will now automatically mount, and pop up on the USB icon (nothing on the desktop) and I can access via K3b and CDs play (haven't tried DVDs yet). When I run mount in console, the device only appears when DVDs are mounted - no indication of mount for CDs. I need to play some more with this on my own, but it seems to be sufficiently functional. Thanks for the help and suggestions. Regards -- Roger
  7. OK, sounds fair. I put a # to comment out the line for dev/sr0 /media/cdrom. # Entry for /dev/sda1 : UUID=c62375e0-359b-4cc0-9851-50b1facfcae0 / ext4 acl,relatime 1 1 # Entry for /dev/sda6 : UUID=f0aa3e2c-febd-4caf-a01a-f891199cf8d2 /home ext4 acl,relatime 1 2 #/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom auto umask=0,user,iocharset=utf8,rw,noauto 0 0 /dev/fd0 /media/floppy auto umask=0,users,iocharset=utf8,exec,flush 0 0 none /proc proc defaults 0 0 # Entry for /dev/sda5 : UUID=76dfb0f9-fe29-4c1e-96ae-582e7c88d416 swap swap defaults 0 0 I put a CD in the device, it spins a bit, and nothing happens. I went to console and entered mount cdrom, and got 'can't find cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab'. I looked in /etc/mtab, and this is what is in there : /dev/sda1 / ext4 rw,relatime,acl 0 0 none /proc proc rw 0 0 /dev/sda6 /home ext4 rw,relatime,acl 0 0 none /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc binfmt_misc rw 0 0 gvfs-fuse-daemon /home/roger/.gvfs fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon rw,nosuid,nodev,user=roger 0 0 Suggestions please ? Thanks -- Roger
  8. Hello, This is a sata drive rather than a USB drive. Regards -- Roger
  9. Hello, I am having trouble accessing my 'new' sata DVD burner - Pioneer DVR-215d. When I put in a disk, there is no indication of media being added (the USB type indicator in the icon bar at the bottom right of the KDE screen). I was able to manually mount the burner and read a CD today (but with read only capability), so I think it is my etc/fstab which I set up via the Control Center config tool for the CD/DVD burner. Could well be that I botched the setup - I used the advanced option, and now I cannot get back to the default setting. In any case, my etc/fstab is : for /dev/sda1 : UUID=c62375e0-359b-4cc0-9851-50b1facfcae0 / ext4 acl,relatime 1 1 # Entry for /dev/sda6 : UUID=f0aa3e2c-febd-4caf-a01a-f891199cf8d2 /home ext4 acl,relatime 1 2 /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom auto umask=0,user,iocharset=utf8 0 0 /dev/fd0 /media/floppy auto umask=0,users,iocharset=utf8,noauto,exec,flush 0 0 none /proc proc defaults 0 0 # Entry for /dev/sda5 : UUID=76dfb0f9-fe29-4c1e-96ae-582e7c88d416 swap swap defaults 0 0 I'm guessing that I need to edit the /dev/sr0 line to include rw and auto (and maybe change user to users). Would this resolve my access issue? I did check write access in the advanced options of the configuration tool, as well as unchecked 'noauto', and clicked 'save to fstab', but after mounting the burner I ran 'mount' in console and it indicates ro and noauto for the burner. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I am certainly no expert at this (obviously)...... Thanks -- Roger [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  10. Hello, Does anyone have a sample on how the DVD burner should be configured within the Control Center hardware configurator for the burner? It seems since I have switched from IDE to SATA the system will no longer allow access to the DVD burner. Any help would be appreciated. Regards -- Roger
  11. I have shifted the sata cable back to 'master' until I hear back from here on what the problem is with my configuration or drive, and will just not use the DVD/CD drive. At least system performance is back after the cable shift. Thanks -- Roger
  12. The IDE drive with adapter is booting acceptable well, and I'll just use it this way until I upgrade OS to the newest Mandriva or if the IDE drive fails (and will transition to the SATA drive). Thanks for the help - solved. Regards -- Roger
  13. The SATA to IDE adapter for my IDE drive is working well for the moment, and I have the SATA drive as backup. I will just reload the new system on the SATA drive when I need to transition systems (or if the adapter or IDE drive fails). Thanks for the input and suggestions. Problem solved. Thanks again -- Roger
  14. I ended up having to get the new mother board and CPU, and so never had the chance to test out the PCI graphics card. Thanks for the input and direction, since from the comments it seemed like the move to the new system was the only real solution. This problem solved. Thanks again -- Roger
  15. Well, I thought that maybe shifting the sata port on the motherboard from 'master' to 'slave' or data might help. Now I get 'Message from syslogd @ localhost (and date time) disabling IRQ #22. The good is that the USB stick always is recognized, but the DVD burner is completely gone and the system seems slowed down. Any suggestions on how to resolve this. Just wondering if there are hardware incompatible DVD burners, with Teac being one of them?? Thanks -- Roger
  16. I installed a DVD burner which the system recognizes - control center hardware manager sees it and I can configure it. TEAC DV-W524GS on sr0. "Allow every user to mount and unmount" is checked. The same 2010.2 worked fine on my old IDE DVD burner, but it seems to be having trouble on the sata DVD burner The problem is that I can only seem to access the drive once. After I boot the system, I can insert a disk, the little usb type connection icon on the bottom right of the screen comes up, the device is identified, and it gives me the options for action on the device. This happens only once. If I remove the disk and insert another, then the USB icon comes up but the 'devices recently plugged in is blank'. I put in a DVD and tried to play it, but the application faulted out saying that I did not have access to the file. I am thinking it is not an access privileges issue, since I left su access on after using the control center and the problem still exists. I can also insert a memory stick into a usb slot and it is ignored. I guess any hot plugged device, after the 1st, is ignored. My current guess is that it is a mount issue, but I don't know how to go about resolving it. Hopefully it is something really simple.... Thanks -- Roger
  17. Hello, Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like my best bet is to just reload the system. I already have save the desktop info on a DVD, so I am pretty much set... Thanks again -- Roger
  18. Hello, Hopefully the last question associated with my motherboard upgrade. I have a 150GB IDE drive that currently holds everything for the computer, including my upgraded to current Mandriva 2010.2. I am getting a 150GB SATA drive, and would like to migrate the contents of the bootable IDE drive to this SATA drive. Is this fairly simple, or should I wait until the next time I upgrade the OS (probably a year or two)? My objective is to minimize the time that I run with the current IDE to SATA drive converter/adapter that I am using now. If the drive migration process is easy, instructions would be helpful (or a pointer to where the info can be found). Thanks -- Roger
  19. This is no longer on an IDE cable, but on a SATA cable. The adapter fits into the IDE slot on the drive and has a SATA cable attachment (and power for the adapter chip). I could plug it into another SATA port on the motherboard, but not sure this would help. There are two SATA plugs on the motherboard designated for the master drive and two others indicated for slave drives (but not sure it really matters). I probably need to do some more investigation into what constitutes a 'bootable drive' and figuring out why this aspect of the drive is not being seen...... Thanks -- Roger
  20. Just an update - I altered the jumper on the drive from master (as suggested in the bios manual) to single device, and things are much better. The drive is still identified as not bootable, but the system jumps to the blue linux boot select screen almost immediately. The drive bootable situation may be a result of the IDE / SATA adapater ?? Thanks -- Roger
  21. Well, I've got the new motherboard installed. I still had a problem with the IDE cable being able to identify my drive, so I got an IDE to SATA converter (figuring it would not work) and it actually seems to work.....maybe. The drive shows up in the bios, but for some reason the system does not seem to view it as bootable. However, if I wait a bit it initiates Grub, fires up the disk, and I get to the desktop. I figure I have the boot or SATA setup wrong in the bios - anyone have any suggestions. I assume if the system recognized the disk, the system load will be lightning fast (as opposed to what is happening now......). Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks -- Roger PS - HUGE improvement in speed and usability once the system is loaded !!
  22. Sadly there is only one IDE slot (I gather all is going SATA - lucky to get one IDE slot I guess....). I have contacted the vendor and they are taking the board back. Now I need to source another, this one hopefully fully functional!! May be back with more when I get that one. Regards -- Roger
  23. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I did clear the CMOS when I was having trouble getting the MB to post (removed the battery and shifted the jumper for 10+ sec) - it fixed the posting problem, but then I hit this IDE drive recognition problem..... Regards -- Roger
  24. Hello, Let me preface this by saying that this is my first motherboard upgrade, so I could be making the most simple mistakes...... I got a more current ASUS motherboard (P5K), and am trying to bring up my system. The MB will post and allow me into the ASUS bios control panel. I have the latest bios installed (correct for the CPU), and the CPU and memory are correctly recognized. Problem is that my IDE drives (hard drive with Linux, and DVD burner) are not recognized - I have no SATA drives. The IDE cable and master slave arrangement are the same as for my old ASUS board, and works fine with the old board. I figure either that I have not set up the bios correctly, or the IDE/SATA controller on the ASUS board is having trouble. Once I exit the bios, the system does seem to identify the HD as bootable - the Mandriva blue screen for 2010.2 comes on and the countdown happens, then the little loading icon spins on the bottom of the screen for a long time (don't hear the disk being read), and then a sizable error message (seemingly about not being able to find any devices or root). Any suggestions or observations?? I have reinstalled the old MB so that I have internet access, so any testing would entail putting the new board back in (not too bad, but don't want to make a habit of it......) Thanks -- Roger
  25. Still waiting for parts, so the system is not installed yet. I will try the modify bios approach. Thanks -- Roger
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